Bring gaming to life: brief overview of Disney Infinity

Combine video gaming with collectible figures that sync with the on-screen action

Combine the thrill of action-adventure gaming with dozens of collectible Disney figures. Characters are from movies like The Incredibles, Marvel superheroes, Disney Infinity Star Wars figures, and even Disney Infinity rare characters and action figures, with each one syncing with a compatible game from the respective universe. With three generation of games released to date – Disney Infinity 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 – and availability for all major platforms, (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, and Mac as well as iOS and Android apps), a Disney Infinity Starter Pack that includes the game, Infinity Base, and several figures and play set pieces is the perfect way to begin the Disney Infinity journey. Place up to two figures on the Infinity Base and NFC technology syncs them with the on-screen action in either Play Set mode (use the figure in that universe) or Toy Box mode for mixing and matching characters to create your own adventure.