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FAQ About Gaming Playsets

What are gaming playsets?

Bridging the gap between collectible toy figures that spark the imagination, and adventure-packed video games that engage the senses, gaming playsets have exploded in popularity. They all start with the video game, and expand with interactive components like playsets, figures, and sometimes vehicles or other components that communicate with the console. Sometimes they store game information, often they unlock new content and characters, and they've proven to be game-changers.

What is amiibo and what does it unlock?

Nintendo's amiibo figures work with a variety of games for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS XL systems. Popular characters like Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, and dozens more contain NFC (Near Field Communication) chips. When you tap them to your GamePad, depending on the game, they may unlock new costumes or weapons, or save certain game data to your amiibo.

What is Disney Infinity and what does it unlock?

Available for multiple platforms, including Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, Disney Infinity offers figures of characters from throughout the Disney universe. These figures require the Infinity Base, available through a Starter Pack, to interact with the game. They unlock corresponding characters and new levels in the game.

In addition, a Toy Box mode allows you to create your own game in an open-world environment. Power Discs are also available to unlock character enhancements in this mode.

Disney Infinity has expanded to include characters from both the Marvel and Star Wars universe in subsequent game editions.

What is Skylanders and what does it unlock?

The playset that started the revolution, Activision's Skylanders games and toys work with Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. You'll need a Portal to use all the NFC enabled figures, vehicles, and playsets, which unlock characters and new levels in the game. The Skylanders universe, based on an original story and characters, features over 300 figures, making it the most expansive gaming playset.

What is Lego Dimensions and what does it unlock?

Lego's action-adventure video games features characters and figures from numerous popular franchises, including The Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, Scooby-Doo, and Jurassic World. A Lego Toy Pad is required, available in the Starter Pack, which allows figures and vehicles, Fun Packs and Level Packs to unlock new content and expand the game experience. It's available for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles.

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