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Dry your clothes efficiently with an electric dryer

There is nothing as comforting as wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel after a shower or putting on a fresh, clean T-shirt. Keeping your clothes, bedding, and towels in tip-top shape is easy when you have an electric clothes dryer. Electric dryers are energy efficient, easy to use, and some models even have smart features to make laundry even easier.

How do electric dryers work?

An electric dryer dries your clothing when air is pulled into the dryer. That air passes through a heating coil to warm it up, and the electric fan inside the dryer will circulate the heat as the clothes tumble in the dryer drum. Powered by a 240-volt current, an electric dryer will dry your clothes quickly while keeping your power bills low.

A standard electric dryer is 27 inches wide, 36 inches high, and anywhere from 25 to 32 inches deep. You can find different styles of electric dryer including front-loading, top-down, and models that have side-mount doors you can choose to have swing left or right.

What are the benefits of an electric dryer?

Adding an electric clothes dryer to your laundry room means you have an easy-to-install dryer that’s budget friendly. Because your home most likely has the appropriate plug already in place, you don’t need to call in an electrician to hook it up. There are many different brand choices when purchasing an electric dryer, and you can choose from a Samsung electric dryer, LG electric dryer, Whirlpool electric dryer, or GE electric dryer.

Electric dryers are more cost-effective to purchase than gas dryers, and the best electric dryers are low maintenance and inexpensive to repair.

Do you need to vent your electric dryer?

Electric dryers are available in vented and ventless designs, so you don’t need to have a vent to use an electric dryer. The ventless dryers are a great option if you live in an apartment or condo and it’s not possible to vent your dryer. They use a condensation-based system that funnels moisture into a drain pipe or tank. If you choose a vented dryer, you’ll connect an exhaust hose from the back of the dryer to a dryer vent located on the side of your home.

What features should you look for in an electric dryer?

The latest electric dryers have features to make drying your clothes quick and efficient. Some models have stainless steel drums to reduce snags in your clothing and towels. Moisture sensors will detect your moisture levels inside the drum so your dryer only runs until your clothes are dry, and dryer racks sit inside the dryer so you can easily dry shoes and other items you’d like to remain in place. Some models of electric dryer have smart features including Wi-Fi connectivity to download new dryer cycles or for troubleshooting if you’re having an issue with your dryer.

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