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Carry an Entire Library in Your Hands with an eBook Reader

Reading is a long-standing pastime, but the mediums we read on have evolved. The days of reading everything on paper are numbered, especially as we spend more time on screens, and articles, books, and newspapers continue to go digital. Though there’s a certain charm to picking up a book and flipping through its pages, the reality is – sometimes, digital is the way to go. With an eBook reader, you can carry an entire library of books in one compact piece of tech. Whether you can’t put books down, or can’t decide which book to bring on holiday, you’re covered with an eReader.

What’s an eBook Reader?

An eReader is like a portable library that fits in the palm of your hands. About the size of a book, this handheld device has a touchscreen display for reading eBooks, magazines, comics, and more. Unlike a smartphone or tablet, however, an eReader more closely mimics the experience of reading print on paper. It doesn’t have a glaring blue backlight, and its main purpose is reading – so you won’t be distracted by messages, phone calls, or other alerts.

Benefits of eReaders vs. Traditional Books

The biggest benefit of an eBook reader over traditional books is the number of books it can carry. A book reader has internal memory that can often hold thousands of eBooks – putting an entire library at your fingertips. You can buy eBooks in online eBookstores or even borrow eBooks from your local library. eReaders also have built-in Wi-Fi for accessing eBookstores and sometimes even webpages. They’re lightweight and portable, so you can toss one into your briefcase for reading on the train or pack one in your suitcase for reading by the beach.

Types of eReaders

When you want to read an eBook, you’re not limited to special eBook readers. Here are some types of eReaders for reading on the go.

Dedicated eBook Reader

The most common types of eReaders are those dedicated to reading. They focus on providing a great reading experience, and don’t overwhelm you with the distractions of a smartphone.

eReader for Android and iOS

An alternative to a traditional eReader is an eReader app. If you want to read eBooks on your phone or tablet, consider an app that turns your device into an eReader for Android or iOS. eReader apps can recreate the experience of reading on paper, but may not have the full functionality of a dedicated eBook reader.

Things to Consider When Buying an eReader

When shopping for a book reader, consider these things.

Screen Size & Resolution

eReaders are generally lightweight and small enough to hold in your hand. Their screen sizes range from 5 inches and up, but the size you go for is a matter of preference. For a natural reading experience, look for an eBook reader with a special ink-like touchscreen that recreates the look of print on paper. And consider a higher resolution for crisper text.

Internal Memory

eBook readers have built-in memory for storing eBooks, audiobooks, images, and documents. Generally, 4GB of memory can store about 3,000 eBooks – enough reading material to last you for years. If you’re a voracious reader, consider a larger onboard memory to keep up with your appetite for reading.

Waterproof Design

Unlike traditional books, some eBook readers are waterproof. This is especially handy if you love reading in the bath, on the beach, or by the pool.

Battery Life

eBook readers are rechargeable, and their battery life far exceeds that of smartphones and tablets. Because they don’t use much energy, eReaders can last weeks before needing a recharge. When shopping for an eReader, look for one with a long battery life that keeps up with your reading habits.

Colour Screen

The addition of colour screens to eReaders brings a new dimension to your reading experience. These screens display a range of colours, making images, charts, and illustrations more vibrant and engaging. If you enjoy reading content that benefits from colour display, such as children’s books, magazines, or graphic novels, consider an eReader with a colour screen.

Note-Taking Ability

Many eReaders now come with note-taking capabilities, allowing you to jot down thoughts, annotate texts, or draw directly on the screen. This feature is particularly beneficial for students, professionals, or anyone who likes to interact with the text they're reading. Look for eReaders with a responsive touchscreen or stylus support if you're interested in taking notes or highlighting content as you read.

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