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FAQ About Griddles

When most people think of a griddle they picture a pancake griddle that goes on a stovetop burner. Electric griddles, by contrast, are simple plug-in countertop units that let you cook foods like bacon, eggs, and pancakes without firing up either your stove or your barbeque.

What is an electric griddle?

An electric griddle is a lightweight, flat cooking surface that sits on your countertop and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. Unlike a grill or frying pan, a griddle features a large, flat, non-stick cooking surface capable of cooking a wide range of foods quickly and conveniently.

Why should I buy an electric griddle?

Cooking with an electric griddle is quick and easy because it heats up fast, offers lots of cooking space to sizzle multiple foods side by side, and delivers even heat across the entire cooking surface. Instead of juggling multiple frying pans at once you can cook an entire meal to perfection on a single electric griddle. Most also feature a slightly angled cooking surface with grease channels and a drip reservoir. That means a lot of fattening, unhealthy grease and oil is carried away from the food you cook, serve, and eat.

What can you cook with an electric griddle?

Anything you can cook on a grill or in a frying pan can be done on an electric griddle. Breakfast sausages, fried eggs, homemade pancakes, fried onions, pan-fried steaks -- the list is endless and limited only by your imagination. Rotten weather outside? With an electric griddle you can sizzle up mouthwatering beef burgers and a side of grilled asparagus without setting foot on your frozen tundra of a patio.

What features should I consider when looking for an electric griddle?

The size of the cooking surface should be one of your first considerations. Do you plan on making large meals or cooking multiple foods simultaneously? Then you'll want a nice large cooking surface. Some griddles also feature dual controls, so you can turn on only one half of the cooking surface when need be. If you're a family with small children, consider getting an electric griddle with cool-touch edges, for added safety.

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