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FAQ About Headsets and Microphones

Whether you're an avid gamer or social butterfly who loves video chatting with friends, microphones and headsets offer a wealth of benefits to computer users. Not sure what to look for when shopping for headsets and microphones? Here are the answers to the most common questions you may have.

When would I need a computer microphone or headset?

Standalone computer microphones ensure crystal-clear conversation when video chatting with friends and family around the world. Dynamic or condenser mics record professional-quality audio, making them ideal for podcasters, musicians, and video creators. Computer headsets are similar to headphones, but feature a built-in microphone so can gab over the Internet with both hands free. Gaming headsets allow you to trash talk enemies or strategize with teammates, while producing rich, realistic sound to help bring virtual worlds to life.

What features should I look for in computer microphones?

Consider microphones with a USB connector if you want simple plug-and-play functionality. These models plug into any computer with a USB port so you can get video chatting in no time. If you plan on recording in a loud room, noise-cancelling microphones eliminate background noise to ensure you get crisp, clear sound regardless of what type of environment you're in. Adjustable microphone stands also help produce excellent audio by letting you position the mic in relation to the sound source.

What features should I look for in computer headsets?

If you want to free yourself from tangled cables, opt for wireless headsets. Equipped with a USB transmitter, these types of headsets deliver lag-free sound bursting with detail by transmitting and receiving uncompressed wireless audio to and from your PC or Mac. Serious gamers who crave an immersive gameplay experience should invest in gaming headsets with 5.1 or 7.1 virtual surround sound support. Comfort is also paramount if you plan on having long listening sessions. Headsets with padded cushions or supple leather ear cups provide all-day comfort, while adjustable headbands let you configure the perfect fit.

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