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Home Theatre Seating for Five-Star Movie Nights

You know those premium seats at the movie theatre? You know, those luxe leather ones with so much cushioning that you end up staying ‘til the end of the credits? Well, you can stop paying a premium at the movies and sink into the luxury of home theatre seating in your own living room. Just like the first-class seats you’d find at the cinema, home theatre seating offers supreme comfort and conveniences that’ll upgrade any movie night to five stars.

Why Should I Get Home Theatre Seating?

If your place has space for home theatre seating, then why not get some? Add these leather recliner chairs to a living room, man cave, home theatre, or rec room to create an authentic movie theatre experience that’ll impress even the biggest movie aficionado. Once you’ve watched a movie in a power recliner, you won’t want to go back to your run-of-the-mill couch.

What Should I Look for in Home Theatre Seating?

Home theatre seating can be a hefty but worthy investment. When shopping for theatre seats, consider the following features.

Seating Capacity

One of the first things to consider when shopping for theatre seating is the number of seats you’ll need. Available single-seater to four-seater models, theatre seats can fit in any space ranging from modest condos to massive mansions. And if you and your space can afford it, you can even combine theatre seats to pack in all your friends for the big game or a movie marathon.

Frame and Upholstery Materials

Home theatre seats are built to last. A sturdy hardwood frame will keep the home theatre seating in top shape year after year. For the ultimate in luxury and comfort, consider genuine leather upholstery. For a less expensive but just-as-elegant alternative, consider bonded or faux leather upholstery.

Reclining Design

Leather recliner chairs let you kick back and get sucked into blockbuster hits and binge-worthy documentaries. Power recliners make it effortless to stretch out at the push of a button, while manual recliners need you to lean back or pull a lever. No matter their reclining mechanism, home theatre seats that recline can offer matchless comfort for any movie night.


You know that awkward moment at the movies when you’re sitting next to a stranger and both of you want to claim that measly armrest between you two? Well, with the right home theatre seating, that doesn’t have to happen. Look for theatre chairs with armrests wide enough for two or, better yet, individual armrests per seat.


In true movie theatre fashion, most home theatre seating includes cupholders. The main difference? You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a soda at home.


Sometimes, the popcorn bowl needs a place besides your lap. Enter: the console. Storage consoles between seats provide a space for popcorn, remote controls, game controllers, and anything else you want to keep nearby. Some consoles even have outlets and ports for recharging your devices or plugging in headphones.


If total darkness isn’t your thing, consider theatre seats with ambient lighting. Some leather recliner chairs light up around the base and the cupholders, so you’re not fumbling around in the dark for your can of soda.

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