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Sofa(r), so Good: Choosing the Perfect Couch for your Home

Choosing the right Sofa or Couch

Between Netflix marathon nights and Saturday morning lounging with a good book or the local news loaded up on your iPad, your sofa is a heavily used and well-loved part of your home. With all the styles, shapes, and sizes out there to choose from, purchasing a great couch is often much harder than using one. But a little research and planning goes a long way in helping you get the right fit for your best sit.

The dimensions and features of a room do much to dictate the size and style of sofa that's ideal. If you prefer reclining models or convertible couches that double in function as guest beds, you'll need ample space in front of the sofa for parts to extend or unfold. Sofas with manual and power recline alike also need enough room on either side for comfortable access to controls. Sectional couches that are curved or L-shaped come with their own special space requirements, being of irregular dimensions and requiring a somewhat more sophisticated consideration of the room's layout to avoid creating obstructions in walking paths.

Once you ensure your choice sofa type can fit into your available space, you can delve into features like styles and materials. Contemporary furniture styling translates to sleeker and more simplified sofa designs, often featuring tight backs or lower backrests; meanwhile traditional couches tend to stand taller, with more ornate curves and plush construction. Sofa frames, generally made of hard or soft woods, come covered in an array of different upholstery materials, some of which are better suited to the extra wear and tear that comes with large families and busy households, while others suit unique style preferences or budgets. Leather sofas offer premium, long-lasting durability and easy cleaning, which leatherette and bonded leather also offer at a fraction of the price. Choosing fabric upholstery opens up many more possibilities for colour and pattern choices and ensures your comfort year-round, where leather can get sticky during hot summers. Microfibre is your softest choice of fabric, and it also offers ease in terms of cleanup and maintenance.

For large items like couches and sofas, Best Buy offers many assembly- or tool-free product options to ensure hassle-free setup, as well as the convenience of delivery right to your door; so your comfort is only a few clicks away.