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Get the most authentic gaming experience with Joysticks, Steering Wheels, and Flight Controllers

Why settle for a traditional gamepad experience for games and simulations that require precise movements and benefit from a more realistic feel? Take the sensation of realism and immersion to the next level with an authentic set of controls perfectly suited to the style of PC game you are playing. From steering wheels for racing games to joysticks and flight controllers for flying simulators and more, the right peripheral can make all the difference in making you feel like you are really a part of the action.

Steering wheels, pedals, and gear shifters

Racing games are among some of the most popular titles among gamers. Most hardcore racing enthusiasts would scoff at the idea of using a traditional gamepad controller to race. The authentic feel of a steering wheel peripheral can turn a racing game into a full-on immersive racing experience.

The potential for realism in racing peripherals does not stop there however. There are also racing pedal peripherals that simulate the feel of a real gas pedal, brake, and even clutch. Finally if you are a manual clutch type of driver, you’ll also want to experience the authenticity of a realistic gear shifter peripheral.

Putting all of these components together can make playing a racing simulation feel just like driving a real car. Many even go so far as to incorporate them into a pre-built chassis, complete with a seat and a gaming screen where the windshield would typically be. This is the ultimate gaming setup for racing enthusiasts.

Joysticks and Flight Controllers

Much like racing games, flight simulators also stand to benefit immensely from the realistic feel of authentic controls. Joysticks can mimic the way it truly feels to operate an airplane or other flying vehicle. From commercial airliners to combat-ready jet fighters and more, there are unique joysticks and flight peripherals available to perfectly recreate most types of aircraft controls.

In addition to flight sticks other common types of authentic flight controls include throttles, rudder pedals, and even control panels designed to give diagnostic readouts and allow for customizable and authentic flight adjustments. With the right combination of flight sticks and peripherals, flight simulator enthusiasts can feel as though they are right inside the cockpit.

Precision control

Authenticity and immersion isn’t the only upside to specialized joysticks, steering wheels, and flight controls. Typically these types of peripherals offer far more precision and control than a traditional gamepad. It is much easier to make a small steering adjustment with an actual wheel when driving than it is to try and perform the same task with a clumsier gamepad thumb stick.

Similarly, imagine a pilot trying to make precision adjustments for landing using a device designed for playing games rather than the specific tools designed for flight control. Not only do these devices allow for a significant increase in precision and control, by design they allow these actions and adjustments to be performed more comfortably as well.

Programmable buttons and customization

Many joysticks, steering wheels, and flight control peripherals also feature programmable buttons and allow for custom configurations. This can be invaluable to enthusiasts who have a very specific build in mind. Since every software is different, the ability to reprogram keys to suit the needs of the user is a huge selling point for most of these types of gaming peripherals.

Platform and connection type

Some peripherals work across multiple platforms, however many are designed to function with one specific console or device, which is important to keep in mind when choosing the best peripherals to suit your gaming style. Typically PC-dedicated peripherals and software offer the most customization and programming options, but alternatively console-based software and peripherals often operate more easily out of the box, with less need for platform maintenance and upgrades over time.

Some joysticks, steering wheels, and flight controls connect wirelessly to gaming platforms, which other require a wired connection. Wireless devices are appealing from a perspective of reduced clutter and cable/device management, but have the potential to suffer input latency. Conversely wired devices are typically more immune to latency delays, but require more cable management and take up additional ports on your console or PC. These are things to consider when planning your ideal peripheral setup.