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Key Details about Keyboards

Typing is a task you probably don’t think much about. Press some keys with your fingers and voila, you’ve got some words on the screen. But, have you thought about the keyboard you use and whether it’s the best keyboard for you? Whether you have a desktop, laptop, or even a tablet, you can improve your typing experience with the right keyboard. Shop Best Buy’s range of Bluetooth keyboards, USB keyboards, and mini keyboards to complete your computer setup.

Types of Keyboards

Keyboards all serve the same general purpose, but they’re available in different varieties. Here are some types of keyboards you can get.

Wired USB Keyboard

A wired USB keyboard plugs into your computer’s USB port for a seamless, lag-free connection. It draws power from the computer, eliminating the need for batteries. But, because of its wire, a USB keyboard keeps you tethered somewhat close to the computer.

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

A Bluetooth keyboard frees you from the constraints of wires. It connects wirelessly to a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into your computer’s USB port, so you can type comfortably sans wires. Wireless keyboards make a great addition to both desktop and laptop setups.

Mini Keyboard

As its name implies, a mini keyboard is a small keyboard. Great for tablets and compact spaces, a mini keyboard usually connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. Some are even part of a keyboard case that protects your tablet.

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards give gamers the ammo they need to succeed. They’re equipped with special features like programmable keys, LED lighting, media controls, and more.

Keyboard & Mouse Combo

A keyboard and mouse combo offers two essential computer peripherals in one matching package. Choose a keyboard and mouse combo to complement any computer setup.

What to Look for in a Keyboard

Here are some things to consider when shopping for the best keyboard for your computer.

Keyboard Compatibility

Before committing to a keyboard, check that it’s compatible with your PC or Mac. Some keyboards are designed exclusively for Mac or PC, while others are interchangeable. Also, keep in mind that if your computer doesn’t have a USB-A port, you won’t be able to plug in a wired USB keyboard or Bluetooth receiver without a USB hub or adapter.

Hand Orientation

Are you left-handed? There’s a keyboard for that. While most keyboards are designed for right-handed people, you’ll also find left-handed keyboards that have the numeric keypad on the left. Some keyboards even have a separate number pad, giving you the flexibility to put it anywhere you want.

Ergonomic Design

Typing can be tedious. But, with an ergonomic keyboard, you can type comfortably and alleviate strain on your hands, fingers, and wrists. Ergonomic keyboards make typing feel more natural and are available for both desktops and laptops. Some common styles include contoured keyboards, split keyboards, and angled keyboards.

Special Keys & Features

To boost efficiency, some keyboards have dedicated keys for things like media playback, window toggling, and sound adjustment. Some keyboards even have an integrated touchpad that you can use instead of a mouse.

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