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60 results

Kick Scooters for Weekday Commutes and Weekend Adventures

Kick scooters aren't just for kids. Great for the young and young at heart, kick scooters offer an alternative mode of transportation for your daily commute or weekend adventures. They're easier to ride than a bike or skateboard, and make it fun and easy to get around. If you're considering a kick scooter, take a peek at these tips for buying and riding the best kick scooter for you.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Kick Scooter?

Whether you're shopping for yourself or your kid, there are various factors to consider when choosing the best kick scooter. Here are some things to think about.

Wheel Size

Kick scooters are often equipped with two wheels, but three-wheeled scooters are also available for kids and first-time riders. Larger wheels will offer a more comfortable, smooth-gliding ride with greater shock absorption, while smaller wheels make a scooter more lightweight and agile. If speed and portability are your top concerns, consider a kick scooter with smaller wheels. If comfort is key, look for a kick scooter with larger wheels for easy gliding through various terrains.


The deck is the area you'll be standing on when riding a kick scooter. A larger deck will offer more room for your feet, but may make the scooter heavier and more cumbersome to navigate than one with a smaller deck. When considering decks, also look at the deck height -- the distance between the top of the deck and the ground. A lower deck will make the scooter more comfortable and natural to push off from.

Brake System

Most kick scooters feature a foot-operated brake, but some have handlebar brakes -- the same kind you'd find on a bike. While handbrakes may be more familiar to first-time riders, foot brakes are easy to use, too. Simply step down on the rear fender, and the brake will press against the rear wheel to stop it.

Folding Design

A scooter that folds is easier to store and transport. If you'll be cruising to school or work on your kick scooter, look for one with a quick, easy-to-use folding mechanism for convenience.

How Do I Ride a Kick Scooter?

Never ridden a kick scooter? No problem. To get started, hold onto the handlebars and plant one foot forward on the scooter's deck. Use the other foot to kick along the ground. As you kick with your foot, the kick scooter will propel forward. Kick more to gain momentum. With a bit of practice, you'll be cruising the sidewalks in no time.

Is a Kick Scooter Good for Commuting?

Forget gas-guzzling cars or overcrowded buses; kick scooters offer an alternative way to commute. If your route is generally flat, a kick scooter can be a great option for getting to school or work. It's faster than walking, easier than cycling, and kinder to the environment than driving. If you have bumps and hills to battle on your way in, then an electric scooter may be a better option. An electric scooter looks like a kick scooter but features a battery-powered motor to make travelling a breeze.