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Extending Functionality with MP3 Cables and Adapters

MP3 cables and adapters may seem like an out-dated category, but they’re very much a sector that’s alive and thriving! Even if you no longer have an MP3 player that you carry around with you on every long car ride or trip to the airport, MP3 cables are as vital for a great media experience as they were back in 1999.

What are MP3 Cables and Adapters?

MP3 cables and adapters are a fairly broad category. They can be anything from an MP3 converter (think the 3.5mm cassette adapters that used to be in every music lover’s car) to a simple audio AUX cable. Expect to use them mostly to play music from a device on a separate stereo system—but don’t be fooled by the name, as MP3 cables can be used to play from many different devices.

Audio AUX Cables

The simplest kind of MP3 cable is a 3.5mm male-to-male auxiliary cable. Reach for them to connect your MP3 player or similar device to another audio in port or opt for a male-to-female version to act as a simple headphone extension cable. (These are great for performing setups, with devices at a distance from one another, but can also be handy if you have a particularly chunky MP3 case.)

AUX cables come in a variety of lengths and are typically 1 to 3 metres long. Shorter lengths are great for use in the car, while longer cables are preferred for setups where your speaker and your sound table may be a distance apart. Look for retractable cables to save space, or braided ones for less wear over time.

Using an MP3 player to listen to music is a great way to save battery life on your phone, but you can also use an AUX cord to listen off of your smartphone. As input and output styles change, make sure to check what type of connector you’re looking for, such as Lightning to headphone jack.

Audio Splitters

For anyone who does still listen off of an MP3 player, you’re not alone—and you don’t have to listen alone, either. Audio splitters are multi-use items that allow you to listen with a friend. They also function as microphone-headphone splitters on older computers and devices.

MP3 cables and adapters can add extra functionality to a device that you already love, or simply improve the experience that you’re already enjoying. Check out your options, from right angle braided audio extension cords to splitters and more.