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Get the Most out of your Music with iPod Cables & Adapters

If you’re part of the old guard that still uses an iPod, you’ll know that there’s nothing handier to have around than an assortment of iPod cables. While the smartphone world moves quickly into a wireless oblivion, iPods originated from a time when everything was hard-wired. That means that you’re more limited when it comes to convenience, but there’s a big bonus as well: your connection is never going to drop.

Because of this, iPods are a great choice for home music systems. While your iPhone may drop connection with a poor signal or run out of power because your lightning plug is being used to transmit audio, an iPod in a docking system can charge with simultaneous playback. In other words? This older form of technology is a great way to ensure seamless music all night long.

USB Basics for Charging and Syncing

iPods are more limited than brand new iPhone in their wireless playback capabilities—and they’re also more limited when it comes to wireless charging and syncing. There aren’t any iPod models that charge wirelessly, so it’s important to invest in a high-quality iPod charging cable or dock.

Make sure you have a USB cable in good condition so your charging and syncing aren’t interrupted. (That means no frayed wires or loose contacts!) When selecting your USB cable, check the model of iPod that it’ll be used with. Some models, like the iPod shuffle, sync through their audio jack. Other models, like the original iPod, use a 30-pin plug.

It’s also important to double-check the generation of iPod that you need to charge or sync. Cables for iPods can vary depending on the specific generation (as is common in Apple products), which is typically referenced in a product’s name or description.

Why you Need an iPod Adapter

iPod adapters are great¬¬—and varied. An adapter can help you sort out your male and female plugs, line up the right format of USB, or even let you charge your iPod off of a USB power cord with a different input.

The most common iPod adapter is a 30-pin extension. Instead of converting one style of plug into another, the 30-pin dock adapter is simply a pass-through extension. For anyone who keeps their iPod or early-model iPad in a thick case, 30-pin pass through extensions are a style of iPod cables that allow access to your device without the hassle of having to remove your case.

Opt for an adapter or extension for playback that isn’t just seamless, but is easy to hook up, too.