• Keep your console and accessories powered up and ready with Nintendo Wii Cables & Power accessories

    Have you recently upgraded your TV to a newer model and found that older accessory cables for your favourite classic consoles like the Nintendo Wii are no longer compatible? Or perhaps some component or another was misplaced in your most recent move, or even fell victim to the teeth of an otherwise cherished family pet? Don’t leave your library of Nintendo Wii games behind—keep it up and running with these Nintendo Wii Cables & Power accessories

    Nintendo Wii component cables

    The Nintendo Wii was the final Nintendo home console not to feature HDMI support. At the time of its release, flat screen HDTV’s were not yet the household norm they are today, and as such the simple standard definition A/V cables that came with the Nintendo Switch worked with most televisions in consumer’s homes.

    However, today most gamers have moved on to newer technology. As high definition became more commonplace, manufacturers began phasing standard definition A/V inputs out of their televisions altogether. This means that your new TV may no longer support the A/V cables that the Nintendo Wii shipped shipped with back in 2006.

    Luckily, Nintendo Wii HD component cables are readily available, and in most cases can bridge the gap between the older Nintendo Wii console and newer HDMI televisions. They feature RGB video connections that are still built into even newer HDMI televisions, allowing your non-HD Nintendo Wii console to remain compatible with your newer HDTV.

    Benefits of Nintendo Wii power & cables

    The Nintendo Wii is still a beloved console among many, and between its physical library and the digital titles so many gamers acquired from the Nintendo Wii Shop, there are many who aren’t ready to say goodbye just yet. Nintendo Wii cable & power accessories such as RBG HD component cables can help future-proof your Nintendo Wii console for years to come.

    Replacing a faulty power supply, A/V cable, or Wii sensor bar now may also save grief down the line when these replacements ultimately become less readily available. Depending on how amazing your collection of Nintendo Wii software and digital titles is, you may even want to keep a spare on hand for the future just in case. Seeking out higher quality cables and power accessories can also help to ensure your console is durable and ready for fun for years to come.

    Nintendo Wii Wiimote charging station

    Another Nintendo Wii accessory you may want to consider for the Nintendo Wii is a rechargeable battery docking station for your Nintendo Wiimotes. The standard Nintendo Wiimote operates on two AA batteries—which can be a real strain on gamers who constantly have to purchase and replace dead batteries. Rechargeable battery packs make an excellent solution for this issue however, providing endless play without having to keep a supply of disposable AA’s on hand.

    Once you have replaced your Wiimote’s batteries with the rechargeable battery pack, they can be charged simply by resting the Wiimote in place on the rechargeable docking station. This can also help eliminate clutter, and ensures that you always have a fully-charged Wiimote at the ready when you want to enjoy your Nintendo Wii console.