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Reformer Pilates will build your core strength and tone your body

Pilates is a low-impact workout that improves your strength, tones your muscles, and increases your flexibility. The emphasis is on strengthening your Pilates powerhouse muscles; the muscles that make up your core. Using a Pilates reformer during a Pilates workout gives you an intense, dynamic workout that builds coordination and flexibility, but is still easy on your joints and bones.

What are Pilates reformers?

A Pilates reformer is a flat platform with a bed-style frame. The flat platform lies on a carriage that rolls back and forth on wheels. The carriage is attached to a set of springs, and those springs give you resistance while working out. To keep you from sliding off the frame, shoulder blocks are placed on the carriage.

A Pilates reformer also has a foot bar, and the foot bar is used while you’re moving the carriage. There are straps attached to the frame, and you can use them to move back and forth on the carriage.

A Pilates machine is adjustable, so all body types can use one. Anyone, from beginners who are just trying Pilates to fitness enthusiasts, can use a Pilates reformer.

How do Pilates reformers work?

When you use a Pilates reformer you will push, pull, or hold the carriage steady while you pull on the springs. You can use a Pilates reformer sitting up, standing, or lying down, and you can perform a wide variety of exercises and workout many different parts of your body by pushing or pulling on the foot bar, standing on the blocks, or manoeuvring your body into different positions on the frame.

Is a Pilates reformer a good workout?

Reformer Pilates is widely known as one of the best workouts for improving your core strength. When you have a strong core, you’ll have better strength and endurance. You’ll also have improved flexibility and coordination. Doing a reformer Pilates workout on a regular basis can improve your posture and decrease back pain as well.

Will reformer Pilates help you lose weight?

If you’re interested in losing weight, using a Pilates Reformer on a regular schedule will help. Reformer Pilates is not a quick weight loss workout, but a long term solution for a leaner, fitter body.

It will tone your muscles and help you look slimmer, and the other benefit of reformer Pilates is that it builds muscle. When you build muscle and strength, you have the ability to up your cardio workouts to lose weight quickly.

How to store a Pilates reformer

How you store your Pilates machine depends on what type you buy. If you have enough clearance, most types of Pilates reformer can be stored under your bed or behind your couch. You can also tip it on its side and place it in your closet.

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