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RC Boats bring excitement to your local lake or river

Radio controlled (RC) boats are much like any other RC vehicles. They’re fast, they’re fun, and they’re full of amazing features.

RC boats generally come in 1 of 2 basic configurations: those with V-shaped hulls, and twin-hull catamarans. While V-shaped hull speedboats are super fast machines, catamarans—with their parallel hulls and wider overall footprint, add considerable stability without giving up much (if anything) in the way of speed. These boats are made of materials that are practically unsinkable, and they are most often meant for fresh water use only. One of the top producers of RC boats, as well as RC vehicles of all kinds, is Traxxas, which offers models such as the Blast, the Spartan, and the DCB M41 Catamaran.

How Do RC Boats Work?

RC boats are powered by rechargeable batteries (either LiPo or NiMH) and are controlled in the same way as most other RC vehicles. Most models feature a 2.4GHz multi-channel transmitter with forward throttle and left/right steering. Some models also offer reverse throttle, but others (due to their specialized designs) do not. The boats themselves often feature high-output brushless motors, and in some cases they feature a very clever cooling system whereby water from the lake/pond/etc. that you’re operating in is taken in and piped around and around the motor to keep it cool for longer running times and less overall stress on the system.

Speed and Other Features of RC Boats

RC boats offer a broad range of features and speed profiles. Models for beginners may top out at 20 Km/h, while higher end models are capable of going up to 80 Km/h with specific upgrades (usually a more powerful battery). Running times typically fall within the 10-15 minute range (though this too is dependent on the battery you’re using), and you may be able to to enjoy a signal range of as much as a few hundred feet in many cases. RC boats generally come fully assembled and ready to run straight out of the box (simply charge the battery and go), and they also often feature waterproof electronics and a variety of fine tuning controls that give the user greater command over his or her vessel.

Who Can Use an RC Boat?

As with other radio controlled vehicles, Most RC boats do have a minimum recommended age range, which is typically 14 years and up. However, beginner models may safely be used by practically anyone, and even models with higher recommended ages may be used by younger users provided they have supervision by someone of the appropriate age. In other words, these RC boats are very straightforward and easy to use—much easier than many of today’s top drones, and practically anyone can enjoy them on some level. The controls are intuitive and easy to understand, and no expertise whatsoever is required to safely pilot them around your local lake.