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Modify Your RC Vehicle with New Parts and Upgrades and Truly Make it Your Own

The RC Hobby Has Something for Everyone

One of the most popular enduring hobbies of the last three decades is collecting, operating, and modifying radio-controlled vehicles of all varieties. From RC cars and monster trucks to boats, buggies, and RC helicopters, the RC hobby is truly alive and well. But don’t call these advanced RC vehicles toys—hobbyists don’t appreciate it, and they’ll certainly let you know. Radio controlled vehicles are serious hobby equipment for users of all ages, though some models are too advanced for kids due to their incredible speed and power.

While some hobbyists choose to run their vehicle as-is (straight out of the box), many enthusiasts enjoy working on their models as much as they do running them. This includes everything from fixing broken parts and damage as it occurs, to completely upgrading key parts and components for fun and functionality. And any part is fair game for replacement, from drivetrain components like the motor, transmission, and axles, to decorative elements like the vehicle’s outer shell.

Upgrade and Modify Any RC Vehicle

Some people want more speed, some want more power (torque), and others still may just want an all new look to their RC car, truck, boat, or helicopter. It doesn’t matter what type of RC vehicles you’re into, they all can be modified in one way or another. In some cases it may be as simple as finding a more powerful battery than the stock one included with your model. In others it might be something more integral to the vehicle, like upgrading from aluminum to steel gears to make your model more robust and longer lasting. You can even swap out the body shell for a completely different look if you decide it’s time for an aesthetic change. The way you modify your RC vehicle is entirely up to you, and the possibilities are practically endless.

Choose Your Vehicle, then Choose Your Mod

If you’re not already an RC vehicle owner, the first step is to find a model that truly speaks to you. You can choose by brand name (like Traxxas, Litehawk, and many others), vehicle type (car, truck, boat, etc.), colour, and price range, as well as by recommended age range. Once you’ve secured your own brand-new vehicle, you may choose to modify some part of it right away, or simply take on repairs and other upgrades as needed.

When choosing RC parts, make sure you find the specific ones you need (parts that will fit your vehicle), which you can do through part numbers or by checking for recommended upgrades (there are many great online communities and resources that can help you with these decisions as well). Finally, you can replace as few or as many parts as you wish at a time, from a minor upgrade here and there to a complete vehicle overhaul—the choice, and pleasure, is all yours!