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  • Remote control trucks put you in the driver’s seat!

    If you’re into RC vehicles you need to take a look at what an RC truck can do. Remote control trucks are rugged, off-road RC vehicles that can roll over rough terrains like rocks and logs, hit big jumps, and blast through puddles.

    What are the types of RC trucks you can choose?

    You can find different RC trucks including short-course trucks, monster trucks, and stadium trucks. A short-course RC truck has a monster truck or buggie-style body and is a great all-around RC truck for all types of terrain. Stadium RC trucks are small, rear-wheel drive trucks that can handle racing, bashing, and dirty, bumpy terrain. If you would rather have an RC monster truck, there are a lot of options to choose from. Remote-control monster trucks have durable bodies and big, rugged wheels to handle logs, dirt roads, and big obstacles.

    Most RC trucks weigh between 5 to 10 pounds so they are very lightweight. If you want to find the biggest, best RC monster truck available on the market today, the Primal RC Raminator is an RC truck that’s 1/5 scale and weighs 80 pounds.

    What type of terrain can RC trucks handle?

    An RC truck can handle all types of terrain including grass, slick pavement, dirt trails, gravel paths, and sand. The type of RC truck you choose will depend on what terrain you’re most likely to drive on, so if you know you’ll be driving mostly on paved roads you may want to choose a short course remote control truck.

    Are RC trucks good for kids?

    If your child wants a remote control toy and you’re thinking of an RC truck, there are a few options to choose from. You’ll want to choose one with a durable, lightweight frame to stand up to frequent crashes. You’ll also want to opt for an entry-level remote control truck that can handle all types of terrain so you can enjoy playing with it everywhere you’d like to. It’s a good idea to look for an RC truck with readily available parts and accessories in case you need to replace parts as you drive it.

    Some RC trucks can hit speeds of up to 112 km per hr (70 mph), so be sure to choose a model with a slower max speed as your child learns to drive the truck.

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