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Radio Control (RC) toys are battery-powered model vehicles that can be controlled and driven from a distance, using a specialized transmitter or remote. Once, RC was used interchangeably to mean both “remote control” and “radio control,” however as the term remote control also encompasses toy vehicles that are connected to a controller with a wire, RC has today come to solely and more commonly refer to vehicles controlled though a radio frequency link. The RC vehicles run using small electric motors that are powered typically by nickel-cadmium or lithium batteries, while the controllers generally use store-bought disposable AA or AAA batteries.

Intro to the different types of Remote Control toys

The majority of remote control toys can be said to fall under one of three main categories: RC Cars & Land Vehicles, RC Helicopters & Air Vehicles, or RC Boats.

RC Cars & Trucks

In this category, you will find a variety of RC cars & trucks corresponding to popular car models (Ferrari, Porsche, Ford Mustang, etc.), as well as a dizzying range of model trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, tanks, and various robots, humanoid or otherwise. There are off-road and on-road models, as well as some land vehicle RC toys that are capable of performing stunts and tricks, such as wheelies, flips or jumps.

RC Helicopters & Air Vehicles

The RC Helicopter & Air Vehicles category encompasses all remote-controlled toys that can take to the air, whether indoors or out. You will find both small and large helicopters amongst this RC toy class, as well as quadcopters (like a mini-drone), jets, space ships, and more. Piloting an RC air vehicle is somewhat more complex than the forward-backward and side-to-side controls available with land vehicles, as users also control the toy’s ability to go up and down, as well.

RC Boats

Rounding out the three main types of RC toy vehicles on the market is the RC Boat category. A popular class of RC toys and vehicles, RC Boats have long entertained hobbyists who enjoy racing on or simply cruising a body of water from a distance. You will find a wide variety of models in this category, ranging from remote-controlled catamarans, and hovercraft you can take on lakes and rivers, to tiny RC watercraft you can enjoy in the bath.

RC Parts, Upgrades, Batteries & Accessories

As a popular and specialized hobby, many RC toys can be customized beyond their retail configuration for increased or additional performance, thanks to the availability of a wide variety of parts, upgrades and accessories. These upgrades range from more powerful engines and better suspension, to bigger tires, longer-lasting batteries, customized controllers, spy cameras, and more. Spare parts for the RC vehicle types are also available for the vast majority of models, so users who are a little harder on their toys can affect repairs on their entertainment investment easily, and affordably.

RC toys help in your child’s development

Aside from being a fun and infinitely enjoyable hobby and diversion, RC toys can aid in your child’s all-important physical and mental development. In particular, remote-controlled vehicles can serve to help with motor skills development, as well as hand-eye coordination development and dexterity, as they learn to drive or pilot the vehicle around or over obstacles from a distance using thumb sticks and speed controls. In addition, kids learn responsibility from the care and maintenance of a higher-end toy that requires practice and patience.