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Make your Next Live Show Unforgettable

With the right live performance equipment, you’ll be able to put on a show that will make you sound amazing and wow your audience too. From processors and mixers to lighting and effects, Best Buy carries a huge selection of equipment from Yamaha, Fender, Mackie, and Kupo.

PA Packages

PA systems are essential for filling a room with sound. Usually comprised of multiple speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and a mixing console, PA’s help distribute the sound of your instruments throughout your venue. For ultimate portability, look for compact and lightweight systems with wireless capabilities.

Effects and Lighting

You’ll need more than great sound to put on a truly unforgettable show. The right lighting and special effects can set the mood for your music and affect your audience in ways you might not have thought possible. Spend some time thinking about what effects and lighting will go best with your lyrics and melodies to help your audience better connect with your songs.

Power Amps

Amplifiers pump up the volume on your music so you can fill even the largest venues with sound. Whether you’re strumming an electric guitar or tickling the ivory of a digital piano, these instruments will all need a power amp to bring down the house.

Mixers and Processors

Mixers and processors allow you to control the volume and sound of multiple instruments and speakers. Live sound mixing requires you to constantly adjust the sound so that both the audience and musicians on stage can properly hear the music without one overpowering the other.