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Shine a light on energy savings with smart switches and smart lights

Saving energy is as simple as turning off your lights when you're not using them. Smart light switches are hard wired and work with your existing home lighting, allowing you to remotely control lights connected to the switch with your smartphone. Some smart switches let you dim the lights, reducing your energy use even when the lights are on.

Smart light bulbs are great for automating a single lamp or light fixture. Smart lights use LEDs, which are more energy efficient and last longer than conventional light bulbs. Similar to a switch, a smart light allows you to remotely turn the light on and off, but, depending on other built-in features, may do much more. For example some smart lights have a built-in wireless speaker or WiFi extender. These multipurpose light bulbs can expand your home automation options, while saving energy.

Smart home teamwork

Smart switches and smart lights can be used in tandem to enhance your smart home. Smart switches let you use any type of light bulb, ideal if you need a particular type of light or if you have light fixtures that use a bulb with an uncommon size or shape. Also, with most smart switches any programmed or scheduled lighting events will trigger even if the switch is turned off.

As mentioned before, smart lights are great when you need to turn on a single light or small group of lights. This can be especially helpful when you're on vacation and want to vary your lighting to make it appear as if you're home. Smart lights are easy to install and expanding your smart lighting set up is as easy as adding a new bulb.

Smart light and switch ecosystems

Make sure the smart lights and switches you choose are compatible with your smart home's ecosystem. If you don't have anything set up, consider your ecosystem options, as integrating these devices into the chosen ecosystem later will be much easier. Otherwise, smart switches and lights don't need to be compatible, as they operate through independent apps.

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