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On-the-go baby gear for smooth travel with your little one

You may not realize how difficult it can be to take young children to the grocery store or on a road trip until you start a family of your own. Luckily, with the right baby gear, on-the-go mobility is transformed from challenging to quick and seamless. From strollers to portable play yards, there's a vast array of baby products available so you can take your bundle of joy anywhere. When deciding what you'll need, take into account your destination and your child's age to make an informed decision on what products suit your lifestyle.

Keep your child close with a baby carrier or sling

Baby carriers and slings are great ways to keep your child close while still enjoying hands-free capabilities. Ergonomic designs keep your baby upright in a natural sitting position. Buckles, snaps, and belts ensure your child stays secure, while a lightweight construction adds minimal bulk so you aren’t weighed down. Carriers and slings are also made with soft materials and come equipped with ample padding to ensure comfort for both you and your baby.

Move to your groove with a stroller

Strollers are essential and extremely convenient when you need to give your body a break from carrying your child. Most standard strollers include a canopy, basket, and a cozy seat that reclines for infants. As your little one grows the stroller can be adjusted to different positions so your child can sit up and see the world all around.

Stay mobile with a baby travel system

Travel systems come equipped with a compatible car seat that works perfectly with the stroller, allowing you to move your baby from the car to the stroller without interrupting their sleep. They also come with a reclining seat so your child can sit up and interact with their surroundings when they reach their toddler years. A double stroller is the perfect solution if you have twins or 2 children close in age. If you enjoy running outside, a jogging stroller lets you bring your baby along when you exercise. Aerodynamically designed for avid runners and ideal for babies aged 6 months or older, jogging strollers feature a lightweight construction and hand brake for optimal control. Check out Best Buy's wide selection for the top baby strollers for any lifestyle.

Stroller Accessories

There are also a variety of stroller accessories to help make travel smooth and simple for you and your little one. Cushioned head supports provide additional comfort for infants, cup and holders let you store your coffee or other small items, and rain covers protect your child from the elements. Other accessories include stroller hooks so you can hang your purse or grocery bags, stroller hanging toys to keep your child entertained, and much more.

Choosing a car seat

Car seats play a vital role in keeping your child safer and more secure on the road. Infant car seats are suitable for babies aged 0 to 12 months who weigh up to 22 pounds. Featuring a rear-facing design, infant car seats help protect weak neck and back muscles from sudden impacts. Convertible car seats offer versatility because they change as your child grows. Ideal for newborns and toddlers who weigh up to 40 pounds, convertible car seats function as an infant seat, toddler seat, or booster seat with a few quick adjustments. When your child is over 40 pounds, they will need to transition to a booster car seat. Booster seats raise your child's body up so they can securely fasten their seat belts.

Once you've chosen the right car seat, you can also look into car seat accessories to help make your little one's journey a comfortable one. If you don't have a car seat stroller combo, car seat adapters allow you to fit your car seat into your stroller so you can move your baby without disrupting naptime. Waterproof seat liners also protect your vehicle from potty training accidents, while roller shades offer protection from the sun.

Simplify travel with play yards and travel beds

Play yards come in handy when on the road because they offer a safe space for your child to play or rest. Equipped with a compact and collapsible design, play yards are quick to set up and easy to take down. Some models come with detachable toy bars or entertainment units to keep your child engaged while you accomplish other tasks. Others are extremely versatile and offer built-in changing tables, bassinets, and storage pockets. Most play yards can be used until your child is approximately 2 years old and include a carrying bag for easy portability.

Although play yards provide a cozy environment for your baby, they should not be used as cribs. Instead, opt for a comfortable travel bed when your little one dozes off. Travel beds provide a safe and familiar place for your child to sleep when away from home. They're also lightweight and foldable so you can take them on any trip.

Accessorize with a diaper bag

Complete your baby gear with a convenient diaper bag. With plenty of fashionable styles and spacious designs to choose from, diaper bags make diaper changing on-the-go discreet and easy. Multiple pockets and slots give you ample space to store your changing essentials, while interior dividers keep your diapers separate from your wallet or cell phone. Some bags feature attachments allowing you to attach your diaper bag to your stroller for easy carrying. Adjustable straps also provide flexibility so you can achieve the perfect fit.

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