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Top Freezer Refrigerator: Making Room for Fresh and Frozen Foods

Of any refrigerator style, the top freezer, also called top mount, is the most recognizable. With the fresh food compartment occupying the bottom two-thirds and the freezer at the top, the layout is comfortingly familiar. It may even bring back memories of puttering around in the kitchen as a child, hoping one day to reach the frozen treats stashed beyond your grasp. Whether you're on the market to furnish your new flat, or replace your clunky behemoth of an appliance, take a read at what a traditional-style fridge can offer.

Why you'd Want a Top Freezer

First, think about how you shop for food, and what you or your family eats. For example, if you shop frequently as opposed to buying bulk, then you'll appreciate the bigger fridge compartment. The freezer section, despite it claiming only a third of the total space, is conveniently positioned so you don’t have to strain your back when taking out heavy frozen items. For its size, the top freezer offers the most usable space. The wide compartment paired with adjustable shelves makes it easy to fit different-sized containers, and access items at the back.

Finding a Fridge that Fits

Before you hit the stores, whip out your measuring tape. Check the height, depth and width of the spot your new fridge will occupy so you can compare them with the specs. Factor in the door swing in relation to its immediate surroundings, like walls, cabinets, and counters. Don't forget to measure the halls and doorways you'd have to navigate to get the unit in place.

Because Looks Matter

Sure it's traditional, but it doesn’t have to be dated. A stainless steel finish lends your top freezer a modern, clean-cut appearance, while contoured doors and handles add an elegant touch. For a built-in look, install a trim kit around your freestanding unit that matches your interior design. You can also look into a counter-depth style, designed with a shallower profile to blend in with your kitchen counter and cabinets.