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The Best Travel Accessories that Make Travel Easy

Travelling is tough—there’s no way around it. But great travel accessories can make your life a little bit easier for the duration of your trip. For some, that means packing everything so neatly that opening up your suitcase is almost like pulling open a dresser drawer; for others, that means getting all of your power adapters lined up so your charging situation is seamless.

Stay Organized Abroad With Travel Accessories

One of the biggest aspects of travel gear is a simple one: luggage organizers. Packing cubes help you fit more into your suitcase (fold and roll, people!) and help reduce wrinkles. Many packing cubes come in sets, which allow you to sort and organize your belongings by category—making unpacking even easier.

The same thing applies for your toiletries. Keeping all of your liquids together helps you stay organized, but it also makes getting through security quicker if you’re flying. Likewise, a toiletries kit or cosmetics bag will help you sort through all of the tiny little items that you don’t think of on a daily basis, like a set of nail clippers or extra razor blades. Check out Best Buy’s selection of travel gear for essentials like packing cubes, folding toiletries bags, dopp kits, and more.

Staying Comfy in Transit with Travel Pillows

Worried about the length of your flight? Many travellers rely on travel pillows to get a cat nap in between stops. Designed to provide neck support when you don’t have anything to lean on, travel pillows can be great for long-haul flights. For the perpetually tired, they can enhance your quality of life if you’re a frequent traveller—or even if you have a long morning commute on a train or bus.

Look to memory foam travel pillows for the ultimate in comfort and density, or inflatable travel pillows for a super-compact travel companion.

Staying Charged while Abroad

If you already have travel items to help you tackle staying organized and staying comfy, then the next step is making sure your devices stay charged. Depending on your destination, your wall plugs may or may not fit the outlets.

Power adapters help keep you charged in foreign accommodations, while power banks are excellent at keeping you occupied while in transit. You can’t keep reading on your smartphone if it runs out of power, after all!

Finish up your travel gear with a travel wallet or passport case. They’re a little less necessary, but for frequent travellers, they’re a great way to upscale your entire travel experience. Plus, with built-in RIFD protection or zipper locks, many of the models carried at Best Buy can help keep you protected from theft or fraud.