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Open box from Best Buy offers you like-new products with 1-year warranty at massive discounts

What does open box as new mean?

When you buy an open box product from Best Buy, you can be assured that it is in like-new condition. These are items that have been returned by a customer, fully inspected and verified to be in perfect working condition, then sold as open box rather than returned to the manufacturer. Open box products include all original accessories, and they are covered by 1-year warranty.

What are GeekSquad certified open box products?

GeekSquad certified open box products are returned items that meet Geek Squad’s extremely demanding criteria. These are the cream of the crop. Each is rigorously inspected, tested, and cleaned. They are certified to not only be in perfect working order, but also to be cosmetically flawless. You won’t be able to tell them from new—except for the amazing price.

Do Geek Squad Certified Open Box products come with a warranty?

All Geek Squad Certified Open Box products come with full warranties provided by either the manufacturer or Geek Squad. Please note, the original warranty of your Open Box product may still be valid. Warranties provided by Geek Squad start on the date you purchase your Open Box product and extend for 1 year from that date. 

Are open box products used?

Most of our open box products have never been used. However, some products may have been tried out for a short period before they were returned, but are still verified to be in like-new condition.  The reason may be as simple as not liking the colour after they opened the box. For whatever reason, they changed their mind, the product was verified to be like-new condition, and you now have the opportunity to enjoy huge savings with an open box deal.

What products can I find that are open box?

You can find open box items in virtually every product category at Best Buy. Some of the most popular categories are cell phones, laptops and MacBooks, tablets and iPads, televisions, and home audio.

Is open box worth it?

If you want to save money, open box deals offer a great way to buy the products you want at big discounts. Even the hot sellers that never seem to go on sale.

Should I buy open box from Best Buy?

Best Buy is your best option when it comes to shopping for open box deals. From open box electronics to small appliances and even home office products, Best Buy has the widest selection of items offered from top brand names. You also have the choice of open box products from Marketplace sellers, or the unbeatable value that comes with Geek Squad certified open box items.