Samsung Sound Bars

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Why choose a Samsung sound bar?

We are all looking to make our media rooms and TV spaces better these days. The number one thing you can do to achieve this is add a quality sound bar to your TV. A Samsung sound bar can bring the theater experience into your home, since they’re super easy to install and can produce significantly better audio than the built-in TV speakers.

Samsung is one of the best and longest-lasting names in home theatre audio. With a reputation for quality products that are built to last, choosing a Samsung sound bar will mean you have outstanding audio for years to come.

Features of Samsung sound bars

Many models of Samsung sound bar come with a separate subwoofer in the box, meaning you don’t need to debate this choice. Having that subwoofer as part of the package means you’ll get rumbling bass, and vibrant, sofa-shaking audio to take movie night to the next level.

Some Samsung sound bars use Smart Sound, which automatically detects, analyses, and optimises audio for your movies, TV shows, music, games, and other content. Plus, with the option of using your Samsung TV's OneRemote for controlling the power, volume, and sound effects, it means you don't need an extra remote.

It’s also easy to expand your home theatre too. Samsung sound bars are compatible with many wireless rear speakers, or choose a Wireless Surround Kit to connect your sound bar to a full surround-sound system

How to choose a Samsung sound bar

Choosing the right Samsung sound bar will depend on your space and power needs; do you need a massive sound system to fill a dedicated media space? The bold and powerful Samsung HW-Q850T will rock the house. Need something more mid-range? Samsung HW-Q60T can fit right in. And if you’re just looking for the most budget-friendly way to add great audio, the Samsung HW-T650 sound bar can do the job nicely.

How to choose the right Samsung sound bar for your home?

Start your sound bar buying decision by setting a budget. You’ll also want to consider the space you have available. Samsung sound bars can be both situated on a TV stand, or wall mounted, so it’s easy to find the right location to make your home theatre audio better. Also give thought to where you might place a separate subwoofer.

Create a full home theater with a subwoofer, extra speakers, and more

Samsung sound bars can replace a full surround-sound speaker system if you don’t want to fuss with multiple components, meaning that with one device you can have most of the equivalent experience of multiple speakers around the room. However, many people do choose to add more speakers to their sound bar set up, for an even more epic experience. Adding Samsung rear speakers, a Samsung subwoofer or even a Samsung 4K TV or 8K TV can help you create the ultimate TV room.