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Up the intensity of your workout with an aerobic step or jump training

Aerobic training has amazing benefits for your health. It decreases your risk of heart disease, improves your cardiovascular endurance, and helps you burn calories to maintain a healthy weight. You can do aerobic exercise anywhere, and when you add a stepper to your workout, you reap even more benefits.

How do you use aerobic steps?

Step aerobics is a cardio workout that builds strength, burns fat, and boosts your overall health. To perform a step aerobics workout you’ll need a stepper or mini stepper and an instructor or video to follow a workout.

Anyone can use aerobic steps to workout. The general idea is that you use your aerobic step to vary the intensity of your workout, and you can adjust the height of the step by adding or removing risers to make a workout easier or more difficult.

Most aerobic steppers are 8 inches high, and beginners may start out with a height of 4 inches. You can find aerobic steppers that are 10 or 12 inches high.

Where can you use aerobic steps?

You can use an aerobic step in your home gym or take it along to a step class at your local fitness facility. You can also perform step aerobics when you’re on the go, so if you’re planning on traveling for work you can bring your stepper or mini stepper along.

What type of exercises are aerobic steps used for?

Although step aerobics have been around for a long time, they are still considered one of the best high-intensity cardio workouts. Step aerobics will burn a ton of calories, but they are easier on your joints than running or other types of intense workout.

A basic step aerobics workout involves you stepping off and on the step, varying legs as you do so, and moving or jumping from side to side on and off the step.

What are jump trainers?

A jump trainer is a piece of fitness equipment that helps work out the muscles you use to jump. Using a jump trainer on a regular basis can increase your strength and improve the height of your jumps, and it’s an important part of a workout for anyone who plays sports like basketball, volleyball, or track and field.

There are a few different types of jump trainers. Belted resistance trainers, an above the knee banded trainer attached right above your knee, uses resistance bands joining your legs. There are also belted resistance trainers that attach as a belt around your waist and use a long resistance band. Waist and ankle trainers connect a waist band to two resistance ankle bands.

Using jump training equipment means you can isolate the muscles used to jump, and in the process you burn calories, build endurance, and improve our overall muscle tone.

Differences between aerobic steps and jump trainers

Aerobic steps and jump trainers are used for completely different workouts. Using an aerobic stepper for aerobic cardio workouts means you’ll have a workout that’s intense, yet it’s still easy on your joints. You’ll improve your strength, burn calories, and improve your cardio endurance.

On the other hand, jump training is a form of resistance training or strength workout. It uses your own body weight to isolate and workout muscles used to jump. It’s also a great way to burn calories, improve strength, and increase your physical endurance.

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