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  • Burn calories: brief overview of jump ropes

    Get cardio, calorie burn, increased heart rate, and have some fun with jump ropes

    Often considered an activity for kids, adults are realizing the benefits of jump ropes. As part of cardio or warm-up, jump ropes can be a great part of any type of workout, getting your heart rate pumping, burning fat and calories, and building coordination and strength. The best jump ropes offer secure grip via anti-slip foam, rubber, or aluminum alloy handles, and adjustable lengths. Some even include weighted handles for an additional challenge, and weighted rope-less ball attachments to swap in for the cord for safe use indoors. The latest jump ropes have counters to keep track of circles, timers, and even calorie burn. High-tech options work with apps for analysis after each session. Available in a variety of lengths, materials, and colours, it's easy to find the right jump rope to add a fun cardio element to your workout regimen.