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Camera Lenses

Unlock the potential of your digital camera with powerful new lenses. Shoot farther, faster, and with more flexibility with these options and accessories.

Portrait Lenses

Portrait lenses are a subset of fixed focal length prime lenses. With a 35mm-equivalent focal length of approximately 75mm and a fixed focal length, these lenses make it easy to create a beautiful portrait by blurring the background (known as bokeh), helping to make your subject pop with life and vibrancy

Telephoto Zoom Lenses

The adjustable focal length of telephoto zoom lenses bring you closer to the action. A magnifying effect that increases as you twist the barrel of the lens helps you to “zoom in” to your subject, letting you actions shots like goal-line moments, wild-life shots, and other images where getting physically closer simply isn’t possible.

Wide-angle Lenses

A short focal length allows you to capture even more scenery with a wide-angle lens. Fill your frame with more landscapes, full family shots, and other, wide sub-jects from boats to stadiums to wildlife. The dramatically large fields of view possi-ble with a wide-angle lens make them an excellent option for exciting, encompass-ing pictures.

Macro Lenses

Get closer than ever with a macro lens! Capable of tack sharp close-ups on incred-ibly small objects, macro lenses uncover details that are unseeable with the naked human eye. Macro lenses can unlock an amazing world of photography that you might never have known.

Standard Zoom Lenses

Need one lens to do it all? A standard zoom lens is an excellent option for those looking for a one-size-fits-all everyday carry lens. With some wide angle features and some telephoto zoom features, standard zoom lenses are a must-have for any camera bag.

Specialty Lenses

Give your images some extra kick with the capabilities unleashed through special-ty lenses. Choose to get everything in the shot in a unique way with a panoramic fisheye lens, or get that unique toy-box feel of a miniature scene with a tilt-shift lens.

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