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Air out tired spaces with a new ceiling fan

Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to stay cool at home? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about upgrading your space with a ceiling fan. Best Buy offers a wide selection of fans that add style and functionality to any space.

Do ceiling fans cool down the temperature of a room?

Ceiling fans work by moving the air in your room either up toward the ceiling or down toward the floor. This helps create air circulation, but does not alter the average air temperature of a room. Unlike air conditioners or space heaters, ceiling fans encourage air flow and move hot or cool spots of air around the rest of the room, making it feel more comfortable without ringing up a large energy bill.

Canadian summers are known to bring the heat, and using a ceiling fan counterclockwise to create a downward draft will help you feel cooler. The downwards circulation pushes that warmer air created by your body down and away from you, so you can enjoy warm summer days with more comfort.

Fans with a reverse function can also be used clockwise in the winter to create an updraft, which forces warm air down from the ceiling and back into your living space.

Why should I invest in a ceiling fan?

Investing in a ceiling fan is a great, cost effective option for climate control. Freshen up any space with a wide array of ceiling fan styles, including outdoor ceiling fan designs that help liven up your outdoor living room or patio. By relying less on your thermostat or air conditioning unit, you can give your wallet a break while using air flow to make spaces feel more comfortable in any season.

How much use can I get from a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans are a unique design piece that can fulfill many functions at once. They can be used all year round. With tons of modern and traditional designs to choose from, they offer the benefits of being both useful and eye-catching.

Ceiling fans with lights are easy to install in place of an old ceiling light, and they create a pleasant glow that won't be interrupted by fan blades. New LED options give you even more control over the atmosphere and ambiance of your space, while still keeping your energy consumption low. In the bedroom, ceiling fans are a quiet option to create air flow on summer nights, offering a soothing, rhythmic breeze to help you get a great night's sleep.

Breathe new life into your home with any of these stunning designs available at Best Buy.