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Stay Cool Wherever You Go with a Handheld Fan

Whether you’re in the sweltering heat of the summer or you require a cooler environment than others, you can bring the breeze with you everywhere you go with a handheld fan. Handheld fans or small table fans will cool the air around you and are small enough to take anywhere.

What are handheld fans used for?

Handheld fans are convenient for a number of reasons. Whether you spend time in an area with poor air circulation, you have a higher body temperature than others, or you experience shortness of breath, a mini fan can help keep you stay comfortable in any situation. If you’re at the office or you’re at home in your personal workspace and you find it’s too hot, a desk fan can provide a cool breeze. Research has shown that a cool draft of air from a handheld fan can have positive effects in reducing symptoms of breathlessness and prevent heatstroke.

What are some features of handheld fans?

Best Buy’s handheld fans come in a variety of sizes and have different features. You can determine which handheld fan is best for you based size, what type of power source you need, the output of air, and the quality of fans. Handheld fans can vary in size from small enough to put around your neck to big enough to give you a full body cool down. There are also handheld misting fans and USB desk fans that can be extremely useful when you are experiencing high summer temperatures or places that have very low humidity.

Although handheld battery-operated fans are most common—some with rechargeable batteries—there are also handheld fans that are USB powered. A USB desk fan or a battery table fan are very small and portable so they are easy to travel with. You can also choose a mini handheld fan to take with you on the hiking trail or to the gym for your workout.

What is the most effective handheld fan for your lifestyle?

The effectiveness of the fan is dependent on what situations you are looking to use it most for. If you are looking for a small desk fan to just have around for hot weather, you can keep it simple with a medium sized blade or quiet desk fan. Mini desk fans are most effective for people who just want a light breeze around their work space, and alternatively mini handheld fans are great for anyone who is constantly going from one place to another.

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