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Pedestal fans save space and cool you with a powerful breeze

When you want to cool a room quickly, a pedestal fan is one of your best options. Because of their tall, adjustable design they can reach both higher and lower, and will send out a stream of cool air to any room in your home.

What is a pedestal fan?

A pedestal fan is a fan that sits on a long stand. Also known as a stand fan, the stand generally breaks down into two pieces for storage. Because it doesn’t need a desk or a shelf to sit on, a pedestal fan takes up less space in your room. A stand pedestal fan also has large blades and a powerful motor to send a strong breeze into every corner.

Given their similar shape, you might think pedestal fans and tower fans are the same type of fan. They are actually both unique. A tower fan will stand upright in the corner and has a tall, pillar design. On the other hand, a stand pedestal fan is a fan with a tall stand attached to a standard-looking oscillating fan head, and instead of one standard shape and size, it’s height adjustable.

Another difference between pedestal fans and tower fans is that the stand fan is generally more powerful and is better suited to cooling an entire room. When you use an oscillating pedestal fan in a room with air conditioning, you can push air in different directions and cool the room much more efficiently than with just an air conditioner alone.

How do pedestal fans work?

A pedestal fan can be a single speed or oscillating fan. Most floor pedestal fans will attach the head to the pedestal and you have the option to angle the head up or down. Inside the pedestal fan head is a set of blades, and when connected to power those blades output a powerful breeze of cool air. When you have a single speed pedestal fan you only have the option of turning it off and on.

Benefits of pedestal fans

An oscillating pedestal fan is light and portable. When you aren’t using the stand fan it will fold up and can be stored under a bed or in a closet. With an oscillating pedestal fan, you can choose models with low, medium, and high speeds, and you’ll be able to lock it into place so it only blows into a single area if you’d like to. They create a nice hum of white noise to help you sleep at night, and some have remote controls so you can turn them off and on without needing to get out of bed.

Why should you choose a pedestal fan over other fans?

Pedestal fans have a few features that make them a great fit for every home. They are a must-have if space is tight in your home. You can place one in the corner and the bulkiest part of the fan will be the head. You can also find outdoor pedestal fans to stand in a corner of your deck or patio, and they’ll cool you off when it’s hot and humid outside.

If you’re looking for the best pedestal fan, look for a fan with a remote control. That way you don’t have to cross the room to turn it off and on or change the speed.

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