Wall mounted fans keep you cool without taking up space

Wall fans give you a cooling breeze when the heat soars in the summer, and they’re a great way to circulate air in the winter. Whether you’d like to cool off a warm bedroom or you want a wall fan circulating when you’re cooking in the kitchen, there’s a wall mounted fan for every room in your home.

What is a wall fan?

Unlike a floor fan that stands on your floor or a desk fan that sits on your work desk, a wall fan has a mounting plate and is mounted via screws on your wall. A mounted wall fan will rotate and push air around the space it is installed in, so you’ll feel a breeze wherever you place one.

Features of wall mounted fans

There are quite a few reasons why you’ll want a wall mount fan in your home.

Wall mounted fans save space

A mounted wall fan will save space in your home by attaching directly to your wall. You’ll get a cool breeze but won’t need to take up valuable real estate on our desk or floor. Wall mounted fans are also compact, ranging in size from 12 inches to 30 inches.

Mounted walls fans will oscillate cold air

A wall fan will oscillate, meaning they will move slowly from side to side to circulate the air in the room. That makes them perfect to have in a room with air conditioning, because as the cold air moves out of the air conditioner the wall fan will push it all around the room. For a natural way to air condition a room you can place a wall fan directly over an evaporative air conditioner, letting you enjoy the cool mist as it rises in the air.

You can stop a wall fan from oscillating if you’d like to have your cool air directed in one spot. Most walls fans will have a stopper on the back of the fan you can pull to stop movement.

Speed settings and remote control wall fans

Most wall fans have three speeds: low, medium, and high. You can choose which speed to use depending on how warm the room is or how much you’d like to circulate the air. There are mounted wall fans with remote controls so you can plug them in and control them from across the room.

Where should you place your wall mount fan?

Every room is the perfect room for a wall mount fan. You can place a wall fan in your kitchen to circulate hot air coming from your stove or oven or as a way to prevent heavy food odours from building up.

A wall fan in your garage will ensure heat of summer doesn’t prevent you from working on your latest project, and you can also place wall mounted fans in outdoor spaces or on patios. When the thermometer rises and the air is humid and heavy, your wall fan will ensure you always have a breeze.

If you have a greenhouse, your plants and flowers will love having a mounted wall fan to ensure proper air flow and prevent heat buildup.

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