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  • FAQ About Computer Speakers

    Your computer is not only a means for work; it's a playground for music, movies, games, and other entertainment. So, when you're grooving to pop beats or engrossed in an action flick, the last thing you want is a mediocre experience because of poor audio quality. Amplify the sound from your desktop or laptop with a set of computer speakers.

    When should you consider computer speakers?

    Most computers aren't equipped with powerful speakers. Built-in computer speakers may be adequate for everyday alerts and occasional YouTube videos, but they probably won't deliver the immersive sound you're craving when you're strategizing with teammates in your favourite MOBA or playing DJ at your house party. Consider a computer speaker system when you want a louder, more entrancing listening experience.

    What features should you look for in computer speakers?

    Consider your computer setup when searching for your ideal speakers. Wired computer speakers are ideal for a desktop setup, while wireless speakers suit those who prefer easy portability. Wireless computer speakers with Bluetooth, AirPlay, or NFC will also allow you to connect other devices like a smartphone or tablet. Other features to look out for include external volume controls, a mute button, or a headphone jack.

    How many channels do you need?

    Computer speakers are available in various configurations, including 2.0, 2.1, and 5.1. A 2.0-channel speaker system features a left and right speaker, while a 2.1-channel system includes subwoofer to amplify bass and other low notes. For music and casual entertainment, a 2.1-channel computer speaker system is a sound choice. If you're a hardcore gamer or cinephile, consider a 5.1-channel system for a surround sound experience.

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