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Whip up smoothies and more with a countertop blender

One of the best ways to start every day is by pulling out your countertop blender and creating a fruit-filled drink. You can easily do that with a countertop blender. Countertop blenders are able to crush up ice, frozen fruit, nuts, and more, all with the touch of a button.

What is a countertop blender?

From immersion blenders with a stick to blend hot soup in the pot to single-serve blenders that create a smoothie for one, there are many different types of blenders. One of the most versatile, especially if you have a family, is the countertop blender. A countertop blender is a blender that’s designed to chop, puree, or mix solids and liquids. The best countertop blender will be powerful enough to crush ice and nuts with ease.

Advantages of a countertop blender

A countertop blender will efficiently blend harder and thicker ingredients than you’d be able to with a handheld blender. They have sharp blades that sit in the bottom of the blender bucket and these blades will grind up your ingredients and create a smooth puree or drink.

Countertop blenders have a bucket and a lid so there it’s less likely you’ll splash or spill your ingredients. Countertop blenders can whip up ice cold drinks, smoothies, ice, thick dips, and baby food purees. Commercial countertop blenders also have the power to create a hot soup. All you’ll have to do is turn the blender on and it will blend and heat up the soup.

Clean-up is easy when you have a countertop blender. When you’re finished using it you can place the bucket and lid in the dishwasher. The base of the blender will easily fit in a cupboard so you can store it.

What should you look for in a countertop blender?

The first step to choosing a countertop blender is deciding how powerful you’d like it to be. The motor size will determine whether or not your blender can easily grind hard items like ice, nuts, or raw vegetables. If making smoothies is part of your day, you may want to choose a blender that has an ice crusher setting.

You’ll want to look for a countertop blender with variable speeds and different menu options. Some blenders have a pulse button that lets you manually pulse your ingredients until you’re satisfied they are blended perfectly. You’ll also want to decide if you’d like stainless steel blades and a glass blender bucket. You can find blenders with plastic buckets that are less expensive but just as durable.

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