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Showcase Snaps the Modern Way with a Digital Photo Frame

Once upon a time, a trip to the photo lab might've been the only way to see the photos you snapped. You'd frame your favourites, organize the rest in a photo album, and proudly show off your work to visiting family and friends. Today, printed photos are still a thing, but their digital counterparts have taken over in popularity. Digital photos often live on smartphones and social media accounts, but can easily be displayed on a digital photo frame as well.

What Are Digital Photo Frames?

A digital photo frame may look like any other old frame, but it does so much more. Instead of being a piece of glass over a printed photo, a digital picture frame is actually a colour LCD screen. It displays your digital collection of photos, so you can showcase snaps from your Hawaiian getaway or best friend's wedding without needing a trip to the photo lab.

How Do Digital Picture Frames Work?

Digital picture frames usually come with built-in memory, a memory card slot, and/or a USB port. Connect your digital camera, laptop, or USB flash drive via USB to copy photos over to the digital frame. Or pop in your camera's memory card to project an endless loop of family photos, shameless selfies, and snaps of your pooch. Some advanced digital photo frames even feature Wi-Fi connectivity to automatically sync and store photos and videos from your connected smartphone or tablet.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Digital Photo Frame?

Showcases More Than One Photo

Unlike traditional photo frames, a digital photo frame can show off more than one snap. Digital frames with slideshow functionality can cascade through a collection photos, so your desk décor never gets boring.

Saves the Cost of Printing Photos

Let's face it: framing photos the traditional way takes effort and money. Instead of spending a small fortune printing photos at the lab or at home, you can make a one-time investment in an electronic picture frame to show off an entire range of photos that can be refreshed anytime.

Enhances Your Photos

A digital picture frame can do more than just display photos. Some can play background music, while others can show off videos. Slideshows with cool transitional effects are also a popular feature.

What Sizes Do Digital Frames Come In?

Digital picture frames come in various sizes and capacities. From smaller 8-inch frames for a desk or mantelpiece to larger, wall-mountable frames, there are digital frames suitable for any décor. When choosing a frame, consider the size of its built-in memory as well. Many digital frames feature the same amount of storage you'd find in an SD card, making it easy to transfer photos from your camera, computer, or smartphone to the frame.

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