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Connect your PC or device to your network with an Ethernet cable

Wi-Fi has become the dominant way of connecting a PC or smart device to your network. However, when it comes to the highest possible network performance, a physical connection is still the best option. That means using an Ethernet cable.

What are Ethernet cables?

Ethernet is the most commonly used high-speed wired connectivity method. Most wired home and office networks use Ethernet. You’ll find RJ-45 jacks (10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet) on the back of many PCs and smart TVs, video streamers, printers, and other smart devices. Your internet gateway and most Wi-Fi routers will also be equipped with RJ-45 Ethernet ports. These ports let you use Ethernet patch cords (an Ethernet cable with a jack on each end) to connect your PC and devices to a hub, router, or gateway for the fastest possible connection that’s also secure, and free of interference.