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The iPhone 11 is made for everyone

Same size, new looks

The iPhone 11 takes a familiar design and raises its own profile with new additions to not only change how it looks, but also how it works. It starts from the inside with the all-new A13 Bionic chip and third-generation Neural Engine powering a set of features made to cater to every user who picks this phone up.

The anodized aluminum and glass design are matched with the familiar 6.1-inch LCD display. It’s still bright and punchy to help you see everything with great clarity to enjoy the content you love most. Improved splash, water and dust resistance make the iPhone 11 just a little more rugged. The IP68 rating lets you take it under freshwater down to 2 metres for up to 30 minutes.

You get FaceID to unlock the screen with a simple gaze, plus improved battery life to keep in touch just a little longer. You can choose from a rainbow of colours to suit your taste, including white, yellow, blue, black, green and purple.

Taking better photos with the iPhone 11

There is more than one lens to shoot with when setting up a shot on the iPhone 11. The standard 12-megapixel wide-angle lens is paired with a new 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens that squeezes a lot more into a scene through a 120-degree field of view.

Taking a better photo at night or in low-light is going to be easier with the new Night Mode feature that turns on automatically. Capture natural tones and colours in the dark without having to turn on the flash. Smart HDR is also smarter than before, recognizing people in the frame to give faces highlights, shadows and natural tones that will look beautiful.

The dual cameras work together to create wonderful portraits with extra lighting controls to add some artistic flair to your images. Use Portrait mode to shoot more than just people. It now works with pets and any other interesting subject you want to capture with a dramatic blur in the background.

The front-facing camera gets an upgrade with a new 12-megapixel image sensor that can capture wider-angle photos whenever you rotate the phone to landscape. Shoot in slow-motion to capture selfies in a different way called Slofies.

Shooting more video with the iPhone 11

With the iPhone 11, you can hold the shutter button in photo mode to start recording a video. Swipe to the right and continue recording. If you’re outdoors, machine learning from the A13 Bionic can help track a moving person or object to keep them in focus for sharper footage.

The iPhone 11 can now shoot in 4K resolution with a frame rate of 60fps for crisp and smooth video. The ultra-wide camera can fit four times more visually than the standard lens. Improved editing tools now allow you to edit and crop video clips the same way you can with photos.

When recording a video, zooming in on any subject making a sound also zooms in on the audio to hear it more clearly.