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Outfit your kitchen with Breville small appliances

Breville makes a wide variety of small appliances for the kitchen, including elegant, premium machines in its stunning Luxe collection.

Wake up with a Breville coffee machine

Breville coffee machines provide a professional café-like experience right at home. Some premium Breville espresso machines like the Breville Barista even come with a coffee grinder so you can use fresh beans along with a milk frother for delicious cups of java that look straight out of a local coffee shop. There are both pump and automatic espresso machines in the line-up.

If you’re into standard coffee, Breville also offers thermal coffee makers that can make up to 12 cups, and you can use a grind control machine to still get maximum flavour from fresh roasted coffee beans. For pods, Breville makes its own line of Nespresso pod machines for quick and simple cups as you run out the door.

With features like an LCD, multiple grind settings, quick heating, temperature control, built in tamper, and pressure gauges, Breville coffee machines are the cream of the crop.

Get cold drinks, soups, and more with Breville juicers and blenders

One of Breville’s most unique products is its bluicers that combine a blender and juicer in one, versatile machine. Using these small appliances, you can do everything from make delicious and healthy homemade juice with fresh fruits and vegetables as well as blend frozen fruits with liquid and other ingredients for a smoothie.

Breville offers dedicated centrifugal juicers as well in its Juice Fountain line, including both full-sized and compact, space-saving models. There are also all-in-one and stand blenders for performing tasks like smoothing out mashed potatoes, mixing soup, and blending drink concoctions. For a manual experience, like fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning, you can even opt for an old-school citrus press.

With models ranging from 350 up to 1,800 watts along with large pitchers and BPA-free jugs, multiple speeds, pre-programmed settings, quiet operation, and one-touch settings, Breville juicers and blenders can tackle any job in the kitchen.

Cook with Breville toasters, toaster ovens, and microwaves

Breville toaster ovens, toasters, and microwaves aren’t just for reheating: they are versatile small kitchen appliances that can cook food, too. From a convection toaster oven to ones with air frying capabilities, the possibilities are endless.

With compact models for smaller kitchens along with full-sized ones, there’s an option for every size family and kitchen. A convection toaster oven with Joule Autopilot will guide you through a recipe and automatically adjust the cooking mode as needed, with the Joule app on your mobile device reporting the progress.

The standard toasters up the ante, too, with 2- and 4-slice options include smart toasters that can descend and ascend bread as it toasts as well as long slot options for larger slices. Some models even have the “a bit more” button when you want your toast a little crispier but don’t want to run another full cycle.

Breville specialty small appliances have more to offer

Breville offers a variety of other small appliances, too, including electric kettles and tea makers, electric grills, Breville pizza ovens, bread makers, immersion blenders, food processors, ice cream makers, multicookers, sous vide machines, waffle makers, deep fryers, and more.

The electric kettles offer useful features like concealed elements, automatic shut-off, and boiling protection. There’s even a smart programmable model with pre-programmed controls, different water temperatures, and customizable one-touch buttons for different types of tea, like black, green, white, oolong, and French press. With the smart tea infuser kettle, you can use fresh tea leaves with the basket, or remove it to use the machine as a standard electric kettle.

Like the other small appliances in the Breville line-up, finish options run the gamut, from stainless steel to black, silver, sea salt, smoked hickory, black truffle, and damson blue, including models in the elegant Luxe line.