Buy PSN Cards For Easier PlayStation Store Purchases

What Is a PlayStation Network Card?

A PlayStation network card (or PSN card) is essentially a PlayStation Store card. Available in a range of denominations, it’s digital cash for purchases and rentals on Sony’s PlayStation Network. You can buy and download the latest PS3 games and PS4 games, access retro games, rent movies, stream music and even use PSN cards to pay for a PlayStation Plus membership.

The PSN card is good for any PlayStation Network Canada transactions. Because it takes the place of a credit card, it’s the safest and easiest way to buy, rent, or subscribe to content on Sony’s PS network.

A PSN Network Card Makes the Perfect Gift for a PlayStation Owner

Trying to guess what video games a PS3 or PS4 owner really wants can be really difficult. You don’t always know the type of games they like, and there’s always the risk they’ll go ahead and buy a game on their own before you can give it to them. That’s why a PSN card makes such a great gift for a gamer. It acts as a PlayStation Store gift card that lets them buy any games or digital media they want, whenever they want. It’s especially useful for younger gamers who don’t have a credit card.

Besides great gifts, PSN cards are great for anyone who wants to make PlayStation Network purchases without having to use their credit card.

How to Use a PlayStation Gift Card

Using a PlayStation gift card couldn’t be easier. The user logs onto the PlayStation Network (PSN) using their account—they can create a new account in minutes if this is their first time. Once logged into their account, they enter the code on the PSN card to redeem it, and the amount of the card is then added to their PlayStation Network Canada balance. From there, they can buy and download those PS3 or PS4 games they’ve been hoping for. They can also rent or buy digital movies, and even subscribe to Spotify Premium streaming music service.

The card also functions like a PlayStation Plus card—Add the PSN card balance to a PlayStation Network account. It can then be used to subscribe to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service, for multi-player online gaming, access to free games and PlayStation Store discounts.

You Can Buy a PSN card Online or In-store

PlayStation Network cards are available in-store, in various denominations. Can’t make it to a store in time? No worries, you can also purchase a PlayStation network card online—you’ll be sent a code that you can redeem for your own PSN account or give as a gift to someone else.