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Stay Sharp with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen Protectors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is all about notch-free living… unless you’re a screen protector or a Note 4 case. Many different styles of screen protectors are available for the Note 4, but they all have one thing in common: the model’s unique microphone, speaker, camera, and home button ridges!

A great screen protector and case can help prolong the lifespan of your smartphone—and, in some cases, even improve its current condition.

Samsung Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

If you want the best screen protector out there, check out what’s available in tempered glass. These screen protectors pair well with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases to provide not just scratch protection, but also shock and fall protection.

A typical tempered glass screen protector contains super-thin layers of extra-strong glass, shock-adsorbent silicone, and anti-shatter PET film. They’re a great choice for anyone who wants the benefits of a screen protector without losing the brightness, touch-sensitivity, and tactile experience of a “naked” glass screen. Not only will tempered glass screen protectors protect your phone screen from scratches, but they’re designed to break in place of your phone screen—sort of how your car’s bumper is designed to crumple in the case of an accident.

Glass screen protectors are also a great way to temporarily patch a phone screen that’s already been broken, provided that your phone still functions as it should! They won’t make the cracks disappear, but they’ll help to hold everything in place until you can replace your phone.

Galaxy Note 4 Screen Protectors that Do More

Scratch protection, damage resistance, and plaster functions are a lot—but you might find yourself asking, “can it do more?”

Well, you’re in luck. Look to specialized screen protectors to do even more for you. Curved glass screen protector edges will give your phone a seamless feel, and anti-spy privacy glass will obscure your screen at an angle for your protection and privacy.

How to Apply a Screen Protector

Screen protectors are typically applied in one of two ways. Thin, plastic screen protectors for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will often adhere to your screen with static, which lets them be placed and adjusted many times. Heavier, tempered glass screen protectors will adhere with a wet mount adhesive spray, and as such, need to be applied more carefully.

Make sure that your Galaxy Note 4 is free of any dust, oil, or smudges before application. If you’re nervous about your ability to apply the screen protector with precision, don’t worry—Best Buy associates can do it for you! Look into purchasing a screen shield installation at your nearest branch in addition to your Galaxy Note 4 screen protector.