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Samsung Galaxy S10+ Screen Protectors: Apply Some Peace of Mind

There’s a common phenomenon that happens to a lot of people who purchase a new smartphone with a big, beautiful display–like, say, the one on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ (or Galaxy S10 Plus, if you prefer). This phenomenon doesn’t have a scientific name, but you could describe it as “gorgeous-new-screen-paranoia.” It’s the gnawing sense of anxiety you start feeling when you realize how incredibly beautiful your new screen is, and how many hard, sharp objects there are in the world that are just itching to ruin that gorgeous display by carving scratches into it (shudder). 

Screen protectors to the rescue! Pick up a Samsung Galaxy S10+ screen protector and you’ve got a simple and affordable way to keep your phone’s screen looking pristine. If the screen protector picks up any scratches, no problem–simply apply a new one and the display will look perfect once again. 

Screen protectors aren’t terribly complicated, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before you buy one. Read on to find out about the different types of screen protectors and what you need to know before you slap some protection onto your phone. 

Types of Screen Protectors 

Galaxy S10+ screen protectors can generally be divided into two types: tempered glass and plastic film. Each type has its own benefits, which are outlined below. 

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors 

If you want to cover your S10+ phone’s screen in heavy duty protection, you’ll want to take a close look at tempered glass screen protectors. They’re made by rapidly heating and cooling the glass material, which results in a stronger, more durable material. Many tempered glass screen protectors also include multiple layers (which could include silicone or films) that add to the strength of the material. 

These protectors not only shield the display from scratches and scrapes, they’ll also help reduce damage if you drop the phone. When a tempered glass screen protector receives a sharp impact, it shatters into tiny pieces that stay in place instead of flying all over the place. This lessens the chance that the phone’s screen itself will take any damage. 

Another benefit of tempered glass screen protectors is how they feel when you touch them. Since they’re made of glass, your fingers will more easily glide over the surface, similar to the actual screen of your S10+. They also provide great clarity, allowing the bright, vibrant visuals of the S10+ phone’s display to come shining through clearly. 

Keep in mind that tempered glass screen protectors tend to carry a higher price tag than other screen protectors, mainly because of all the benefits outlined above. If you really want those features, though, it might be worth shelling out the extra money. 

Plastic Film 

The other type of screen protectors, plastic film screen protectors, is made from–you guessed it–a type of plastic material. These screen protectors are less durable but tend to be more budget-friendly, so if the protector picks up some scratches you can simply peel it off and apply another one. 

Some plastic film screen protectors can be applied through a wet method, which allows you to adjust the protector’s position and make sure it’s aligned just right. (And since many flagship phones are now waterproof or water resistant, you won’t have to worry about damaging the phone by spraying it with water as you apply the protector.)