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95 results

Why you Need a Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

If you’ve ever dropped your smartphone, you’ll know what it feels like. There’s always that long, drawn-out moment of suspense: Schrodinger’s phone screen, if you will. You know there’s a good chance that something’s broken on one (or both) sides of your phone, but you’re desperately hoping that your Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protector saved you.

What is a Screen Protector Good For?

Screen protectors won’t necessarily save your phone in case of a fall, but they’ll do their best trying to. (You’ll want to make sure you have a good Samsung Galaxy S8 case to pair with your screen protector, regardless.)

Most consumers know that screen protectors will help prevent scratches on the actual screen of your smartphone. However, the best screen protectors for your Galaxy S8 do more than that. Look to a stellar screen protector to hold together a broken screen, break in place of your actual phone screen, and even prevent onlookers from seeing what you’re up to on your device.

Tempered Glass Samsung S8 Screen Protectors

Tempered glass screen protectors are generally recognized as the best ones available on the market. Rather than just being a sheet of glass, they’re typically an ultra-thin combination of silicone, PET film, and tempered glass. As a result, they look and feel like your phone screen does, but they absorb a high amount of impact.

Glass screen protectors are clearer and stronger than plastic ones. They’re unlikely to cloud over due to small scratches, and allow more light to pass from your phone screen to your eye. Oleophobic coatings will give additional value to your screen protector, reducing fingerprinting and streaks—but they may need special care, so make sure to read the packaging!

How to Install a Screen Protector For Your Samsung Galaxy S8

Screen protectors for your Samsung Galaxy S8 will install in one of two ways: wet mounting or dry mounting. Dry mounting is more common for thin, plastic screen protectors, and will adhere the lightweight anti-scratch covering to your phone with static. Wet mounts will hold up the heavier glass screen protector with a single-use adhesive, so use a steady hand.

When preparing to install your screen protector, take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s water resistance to wash your phone thoroughly. Make sure that the screen is free of any dust, water, and oil before applying, and try to do it in a low-dust environment—think “in your kitchen with the windows closed” rather than “on your duvet, on top of your bed”!