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Samsung Galaxy S10+ Cases: Keep Your Phone Looking Like New

There are few things better than that “brand new smartphone” feeling, especially when it’s a top of the line Samsung Galaxy S10+. But as great as it feels to finally get your hands on a shiny new device, imagine how you’ll feel if you drop it and turn it into a paperweight. A really, really, really expensive paperweight. Frightening, right?

That’s why it pays to keep your smartphone safely housed in a protective phone cover. Not only will it keep your phone looking like new for longer, it reduces the risk of disaster. And that risk is very, very real. Smartphone drops and accidents are inevitable, especially with one the size of the S10+.

Finding the Right Size Samsung Galaxy S10+ Case

Picking the perfect case for your S10+ begins with making sure the size is right. There are three different models in the S10 series (the S10+, S10, and S10e) and each one has a different screen size. That means phone cases aren’t one-size-fits-all. The S10+ has a screen size of 6.4 inches, making it considerably larger than the S10 (6.1 inches) and S10e (5.8 inches). When you’re choosing a case, be sure it’s designed specifically for the S10+. 

Types of Samsung Galaxy S10+ Cases

When it comes to choosing a case, you’ll want to consider your personal preferences and lifestyle. For instance, how important is protecting your S10+ from potential accidents? Or maybe you’d prefer to keep it as lightweight and sleek as possible.

If you want to maximize protection, look for a hard shell case, since they typically offer the most robust protection against drops and other accidents. If protection isn’t as important and you want to retain the phone’s original sleekness, opt for a slim case that guards your S10+ against scratches and minor mishaps without adding extra bulk.

For on-the-go organization, consider a flip case, folio case, or wallet case. These cases offer a balance of all-around protection (including a handy cover flap that helps prevent screen scratches) plus a variety of pockets and sleeves for credit cards and cash.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Case for your S10+

The type of material a case is made from goes a long way toward defining it’s form and function. Cases made from hard plastic like ABS tend to offer the most robust protection from drops and other accidents. Cases made from leather or fabric offer less drop protection but are generally lightweight and more stylish than cases made from harder materials. Cases made from flexible materials like silicone or rubber offer a good balance of protection and lightweight design.