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Protect your Smartphone with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are two very similar phones, designed in the same style. However, there are some key differences in them—and unlike in the iPhone line, where similar smartphone styles will fit into the same case, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cases are uniquely shaped. The S6 and S6 Edge phones and cases are incompatible with one another, fitting only the specific phone they were intended for use with.

Soft Shell Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Cases

The Samsung S6 Edge has a larger battery than the S6, and as a result, the body of the phone is a little different. The SIM tray has been moved, and the smartphone is both lighter and thicker than its non-Edge counterpart. If you want to keep the lightness of the Samsung S6 Edge, a soft shell case is a great place to start.

While they often don’t offer as much impact adsorption as a hard shell or dual-layered phone case, soft shell Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cases are a great way to add nearly-weightless protection to your phone. The offer basic drop or bump protection, often with a finish that makes it a little easier to grip your phone. Look for soft shell, silicone, gel, and TPU smartphone cases for a thin, soft shell experience.

Hard Shell S6 Edge Cases

Thanks to the S6 Edge’s popularity, there are a plethora of soft and hard shell cases available for it. The uniqueness of each case are a subtle way to work your personal sense of style into your everyday accessories: a bright pink case might light up your bubbly personality, or a smooth taupe may help you blend seamlessly into a sophisticated background.

Hard shell cases offer a little more protection than a simple soft shell case. They’re designed to adsorb impact and, if necessary, break upon impact so that your smartphone doesn’t have to. Look for cases with a slightly bevelled edge, raised up around the front screen of your phone for extra coverage. While they’ll make your phone feel slightly thicker, the extra millimetre means that if your phone lands face-down, the case will take the brunt of the impact—instead of your screen.

Get More out of a Folio for Flip Case for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Flip and folio cases are a great way to make your smartphone case multitask for you. A fold-over phone case will keep your phone screen safe in your purse of briefcase, and will help protect it from both drops and (importantly) scratches.

When choosing a phone case, keep style in mind—but for those on the go, make sure to take advantage of credit card pockets, leather flip covers, and cases that double as phone stands as well!