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Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus Smartphone Cases

The sheer width of a plus-model phone means that it’s a little more at risk of falls than your average smartphone. Making sure to keep a Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus Case around your 8 Plus at all times reduces its risk of damage when those inevitable falls occur.

Having a little extra screen space is great—especially for those who work or watch movies on their phones—but the larger size of the Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus makes it slightly easier to drop; slightly harder to hold.

How do Smartphone Cases Protect your Phone?

Samsung covers keep your devices safe by adsorbing impact in the case of a fall. In general, the thicker the case, the better the protection. Users who want the best coverage available on the market will often gravitate to dual-layer hard shell phone cases available from brands like Otter Box.

Though they add considerable width and weight to your smartphone, a thick, dual-layer hard shell case is often able to keep your phone safe from even large falls. Their hard outer layer provides a smooth surface to slide your phone into a bag or pocket, but also prevents scratches our gouging. Then, inside, a silicone buffer layer adsorbs impact from falls and bumps. Finally, a raised edge around the screen of your smartphone helps protect the glass from breaking in the case of a screen-first fall.

Soft Shell Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus Cases

For a slimmer profile, many users will gravitate toward a soft shell case. While these aren’t always the slimmest out there, skin-style cases are typically among the thinnest. (Some hard-shell cases without the silicone bumper can also offer a very thin profile!)

Soft shell cases work by adsorbing impact as well, but they may not be able to offer as much protection over large distances.

Flip and Folio Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus Cases

For a Samsung Galaxy case that offers a little extra, consider going with a flip case or Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus folio case. These wallet-style smartphone cases, which are quite similar in style, offer screen protection and a portable stand.

Because larger smartphones are so bulky, users tend to watch more media on them. They also fit in less pockets. As a result, they’re prone to slipping off surfaces that they’ve been propped up on for media viewing, or get scratched in handbags or backpacks. Flip and folio cases fix both of these problems, with a cover that both protects the screen and slides back to create a safe, stable phone stand.

Finally, to go the extra mile, some of these flip and folio cases are also designed with slots for your credit cards and ID. They’re a great way to carry less—even though your smartphone is bigger!