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Find the Perfect Case to Safeguard Your Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is always with you, and deserves proper protection. No matter how careful we are, our phones are prone to feel the effects of wear and tear if they’re not secured in a fitted case. Whether you’re looking for a multi-functional case or something very simple, you can find the best fit for you and your Galaxy Note 5 with Best Buy’s wide variety Samsung phone cases.

Fitted for Perfect Protection

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cases are made to fit your phone perfectly, and ensure optimal protection. The dimensions on the cases available are designed to hold your phone to prevent it from slipping out or being too tight to take off when you need to. On the outside they can, however, vary in size depending on the thickness of the materials used for the case, or the extras on it. No matter what type of case you choose, or how thick or thin it is, you can rest assured your Galaxy Note 5 will fit firmly in, sheltered and safe.

Styled to Fit Your Unique Taste

Since there is such a large variety of styles you can select your case from, finding a Galaxy Note 5 case that fits your unique style is easy. The cases available come in a number of different colours, textures, and styles. Whether you’re more expressive with your style and are looking for a flashy case, or like muted and simple colours and textures, there’s a perfect case waiting to become your phone’s best friend.

Different Types of Cases for Different Purposes

While you should consider the level of protection you need, you should also think about what kind of functionality you are looking for. Hard shell cases are typically more protective, so if you’re someone who’s prone to drop their phone now and again, or often throw it in a bag where it has room to bump around, then a hardshell case is highly recommended for you. Soft shell cases are easier to take off, and softer to the touch, and are ideal for anyone who likes to switch up the look of their case often.

Some Galaxy Note 5 cases also come with a built-in folding stand that allows you to set your phone up so you can stream videos, or make hands-free video calls. If you need some extra protection, folio cases are perfect for covering both the back your phone and it’s screen at the same time, and some also giving you space for your cards, cash, or paper notes. You can find an ideal fit for your individual taste, use, and style no matter what you’re looking for from your next Galaxy Note 5 case.