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41 results


Stand Mixer Attachments: Do More with Your Stand Mixer

You're familiar with the Swiss Army knife, right? These all-in-one gadgets are packed with so many tools and features they're useful in almost any situation. 

The kitchen equivalent of the Swiss Army knife is the stand mixer, a go-to device that can handle multiple culinary tasks when it's partnered with the right stand mixer attachments. Read on to find out how mixer attachments can vastly expand the functionality of your stand mixer, and which mixer attachments you'll want to have in your kitchen. 

Must-Have Mixer Attachments 

Pasta Roller 

Are there any things in life better than freshly-made pasta? (Sure there are, but not many. Scratch-made pasta is that good.) Snap a pasta roller attachment onto your stand mixer and in minutes you'll have plenty of fresh pasta, all with a minimum of effort. You can get attachments for making different types of pasta, ranging from fettuccine to ravioli. 

Food Processor 

Using a knife to dice, shred, or julienne can be time-consuming and tiring, especially if you're whipping up multiple dishes. Put down the knife and pick up a food processor attachment, which connects to your stand mixer and makes quick work of chopping up veggies, fruits, and hard cheeses. 

Food Grinder 

Harness the powerful motor of your stand mixer to grind raw meats or other ingredients using a food grinder attachment. You can create your own burger patties, meatloaf, or salsa. 

Juicer and Sauce Maker 

Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for you, but it can be a challenge getting the daily recommended serving amount. A juicer and sauce attachment not only allows you to create your own delicious and healthy smoothies, it's also perfect for making flavourful sauces. 

Ice Cream Maker 

After the main course is done, you have to move on to dessert. (It may not be the law, but it should be.) An ice cream maker attachment lets you whip up any frozen dessert you prefer, whether it's ice cream, gelato, or sorbet.  

Cool Mixer Attachments You'll Want to Check Out 


Eating veggies are good for you, but some people find it hard to get enough vegetables in their daily diet. One way to give veggies a more prominent place on your plate is to have some fun with it, like using a spiralizer. This attachment transforms zucchini, carrots, squash, and other veggies into noodles or spirals, which not only livens up your dishes but can serve as a pasta substitute for gluten-free diets. 

Sausage Stuffer 

Whether you're frying some up for breakfast or baking them into your main dinner course, sausages are a deliciously welcome addition to many dishes. The sausage stuffer attachment helps you put together homemade sausages that your family and dinner guests will love. 

Grain Mill 

Bakers understand the importance of freshly milled grains, and know how valuable a grain mill attachment is for producing delicious bakery items. This attachment grinds wheat, rice, oats, and other low-moisture grains, squeezing every ounce of flavour out of your fresh ingredients.