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Build muscle and get fit with strength training

Strength training, also known as resistance training, is an important part of a fitness routine. Strength training helps stimulate your metabolism so you burn more calories, and with continued strength training resistance training sessions you will increase bone density and build your core strength.

What is strength training?

Strength training is a type of exercise you do with or without weights. It’s also called resistance training because for instance, when weights are used, it create resistance when you’re lifting them. The resistance you add to every workout builds strength, endurance, and increases the size of your muscles.

From arms to legs to torso, strength training can be for any part of your body. No matter how old or young you are, lifting weights is beneficial to every person because it makes you fitter, increases your muscle mass and bone health, and keeps your weight off. Best Buy carries a variety of different equipment designed for every level of strength training.

What equipment should I use for strength training workouts?

The type of strength training fitness equipment you choose will depend on what area of your body you are focusing on. Home fitness equipment for muscle training is perfect for all levels of strength training, from absolute beginner to pro. You can use this equipment to transform a spare room or your den into a fully functioning home gym where you any perform any type of strength training program.


Best Buy carries all type of weights including dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, kettle bells, and more. You can vary the size and type of weight you use depending on your current fitness level and individual strength training goals.

Abdominal training

Everyone wants a solid stomach, and when you are doing resistance training you’ll use ab rollers, crunch benches, sit up mats, and other pieces of home fitness equipment to tone and strengthen your abs and core.

Balancing equipment

Best Buy has a wide range of balancing disks, balls, and Bosu balls to improve your balance and increase your core strength. Balance training will improve your posture and decrease your risk of falls when you get older.

Racks, benches, and strength training accessories

If you add racks, benches, and other strength training accessories you’ll be able to mix things up with different strength workouts. Adding resistance training exercises like squatting or bench pressing are easily achieved with a rack or bench.

Best Buy has everything you need to get fit and stay fit by adding a strength training workout to your fitness routine.