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Enjoy The Art of Lead with All Types of Pencils

If we’re being honest, human beings are pretty mistake prone. That’s why sometimes you have to do the smarter thing and make sure we’re not making permanent mistakes. Using a pencil means you have room to flub, because the beauty of pencils is that they’re erasable. It’s basically witchcraft, but the kind of witchcraft that can save you from having to start an entirely new sheet of paper if you make a mistake. Using a pencil is also many people’s preferred method of notetaking because of the way they write. Whatever your reason for using a pencil, Best Buy has got a great variety and diverse range of pencils available to you.

Different pencils for different uses

Pencils are extremely versatile; they can be used for simple scribbling on post it notes, taking lecture notes, or drawing an incredibly realistic sketch. The use of pencils goes back centuries, and they’ve proven to work for simple uses, and have also been used by world renowned artists to cover entire canvases. In between these two worlds, you can use pencils for just about anything. You should, however, consider what your use will be for your pencils before making your purchase.

Choose the right gradient

The density of the lead on your pencil will typically be categorized based on the graphite grading scale. 9H is the lowest density, which means it writes lighter. The higher densities, such as H (for hard) and HB, will write darker. This scale goes all the way up to 8B (for black). The higher up on the gradient scale your pencil is, the darker it will write, so it’s important to consider this when choosing your pencils. If you want to do intricate sketches, you may want a variety of pencils to get different gradients and shades into your artwork. Simple note taking won’t usually require anything higher than an HB pencil.

Go the extra mile with pencil accessories

Now that you’ve got your pencil collection planned out, you’ll also want to ensure you have the proper tools to go with your pencils. Since non-mechanical pencils require sharpening, you’ll need to have the right sized sharpener. Most sharpeners and pencils are universally sized, but some will require their own specific sharpener. This is especially true if you have higher gradient pencils, as they need to be given a bit more extra TLC when sharpening. You’ll also probably want an eraser, and a pencil case to hold all your pencils and accessories together. Erasers can also be found in different molds and densities, and should also be fitted to your pencils accordingly. With all of these together, you’re sure to get the most out of your pencils, and continue years and years of traditional writing and sketching going.